Additional measures will be adapted or added as needed throughout the return of individuals to campus to ensure safety.

COVID-19 Testing

What if a non-cadet student receives a positive test result?

To report a positive test result, call the CGC Office (843) 953-5089 and begin classes remotely. According to the updated CDC guidelines:

If you are not experiencing any symptoms and continue to have no symptoms, you can be with others after 10 days have passed since you had a positive viral test for COVID-19. 

People who are severely ill with COVID-19 might need to stay home longer than 10 days and up to 20 days after symptoms first appeared. Persons who are severely immunocompromised may require testing to determine when they can be around others.

Who will determine the protocol for cadets and students with special circumstances?

The Campus Assessment Team is the campus committee that will determine, or recommend to the President, the outcomes of a special request.

I would like to speak with someone confidentially, who can I contact?

Call your admissions officer, your company TAC, the CGC office, arrange for an appointment with The Citadel Counseling Center or an ombudsperson.

The Citadel’s Ombudspersons, Robert Pickering and Shamus Gillen, are available to speak with any cadet or student who needs a confidential and safe environment in which to share concerns related to COVID-19. To schedule an appointment, email Or call them directly at the phone numbers listed on this page.

How will cadet mental health be taken into account? What services will be provided to those isolated?

All mental health services will continue to be available to all students and The Citadel has hired extra nurses to take care of students and properly observe them.

Has The Citadel stopped testing cadets who have previously tested positive and were non-contagious?

No. The CDC states that someone with a previous positive test does not need a repeat test for at least three months and that people can continue to test positive for up to three months after diagnosis and not be infectious to others. Cadets presenting with symptoms of an illness within three months post-test are evaluated and treated for the most-likely illness. Several illnesses mirror COVID-19 symptoms (influenza, streptococcal pharyngitis, several viral illnesses, respiratory allergies, post-COVID loss of taste/smell, etc.). After three months, we perform COVID-19 tests as well as strep tests, flu tests, etc. and treat cadets appropriately.    


How many cases are on campus? Is The Citadel tracking cases?

Yes, The Citadel has developed a tracker that will be updated daily, Monday-Friday. Click here to be directed to the tracker.

What cleaning and safety measures are being taken to ensure cadet/student safety?
  • All flat surfaces are to be disinfected by Citadel Custodial Staff
  • Disinfection solution in spray bottles with disposable towels are made available to wipe down surfaces at the end of class or as needed.
  • Hand sanitizer is made available as needed.
  • The Citadel continues to develop safety protocols for specific locations and activities on campus.

For more information, please review all details here.

What is the mask policy on campus?

-Anyone wishing to wear a mask, regardless of vaccine status, is welcome to continue doing so.

-Vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask, indoors or outside.

-Non-vaccinated individuals have the option to wear or not wear a mask outside.

-Non-vaccinated individuals must continue wearing a mask inside while around others.

How often should I clean my mask?

Masks should be washed after each use. For full guidelines on how to properly wash your mask, please click here.

Faculty and Staff

Can faculty and staff request travel?

The College is allowing only essential Citadel-related travel for faculty and staff.  Requests for essential travel must be reviewed and approved by both the Dean/Director and Provost/VP

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