The Citadel welcomes reporters, photographers, videographers and film crews and is happy to assist with the necessary coordination and approval process. Information for media visits, as well as submitting FOIA requests, may be found below.

Members of the media must be escorted by a representative of The Citadel Office of Communications and Marketing in all circumstances.

FOIA requests

Any person and/or entity seeking access for review or copies of records, documents or materials from The Citadel under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, must complete and submit, with applicable fees, The Citadel’s Freedom of Information Act Request. Submit the FOIA Request to:

Barbara L. Hickson
FOIA Officer
The Citadel
171 Moultrie St., Bond Hall 310
Charleston, SC 29409

For more information on the college’s FOIA policy, click here.

Cadet and student privacy

Cadets and students have the right to pursue their educational activities without being disturbed by members of the media. Please follow these guidelines if a cadet or student interview is requested:

Email the request to the media relations team as early in advance as possible. Please include the desired date, time, setting, an outline about the subject of the interview and whether it is for print, broadcast, internet or social media purposes. If a specific cadet or student is requested, please also include their name.

Media identification

Members of the media must display credentials at all times while on campus.


Media may videotape and photograph exterior locations on campus when arranged through the Office of Communications and Marketing. Some indoor locations are not available to the media at any time, including the mess hall and the inside of the barracks (dorms). Other indoor locations can be included in reports when arranged through the media relations team.


The media is encouraged to cover the iconic and visual Citadel dress parades that are held most Fridays during the academic year. No visitors or members of the media are permitted onto the parade field. A designated media area between the bleachers is available at every parade. Photographers and videographers may also stand around the perimeters of Summerall Field.

TV live shots

Broadcast live shots are permitted from several areas on campus and should be arranged through the media relations team.


In the event of a campus emergency or lockdown, members of the media would be directed to the Holliday Alumni Center located at 69 Hagood Ave., across from Johnson Hagood Stadium. The college’s media relations professionals will be stationed there as needed in an emergency.

The Citadel Athletics

Media covering athletes or athletic events should coordinate with The Citadel Athletics media relations team at 843-953-5353.