Media relations resources

Members of the working news media are welcome at The Citadel but should arrange all campus visits through the Media Relations Office, which is part of the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Media Relations can provide information and access to campus for photography and videography; facilitate interviews with cadets, students, faculty and staff; and provide professional photographs and b-roll for media use. Advance notice is requested.

In compliance with the college’s policy, and to ensure federal student privacy standards, a staff escort is provided for every media visit.  Access to the cadet barracks and the cadet mess hall is restricted to protect student privacy.

Television live shots are permitted from several campus locations with advance notice.

Media relations contacts

Zachary Watson
Communications Director
(843) 953-3722

Citadel Athletics Media Relations
(843) 953-6567

Map and virtual tour

Read about the history of campus landmarks and buildings and find parking lots, food service and building locations on the college’s virtual map.

General description

The Citadel, with its iconic campus located in Charleston, South Carolina offers a classic military college education for young men and women profoundly focused on leadership excellence and academic distinction. Graduates are not required to serve in the military but about one-third of each class commission as officers in every branch of U.S. military service. Graduates of The Citadel have served the nation, their state and their communities as principled leaders since the college was founded in 1842. The Citadel Graduate College offers 25 graduate degree programs with 41 concentration options, 9 fully online master’s degrees, 9 graduate certificate programs, and 12 evening undergraduate programs, through an all-evening schedule, with many courses now available online. The Citadel was named Best Public University in the South by U.S. News and World Report for 13 consecutive years, and #1 Best Public College for Veterans in the South.

Faculty experts for media

The Citadel faculty is comprised of many faculty who are national or global leaders in their fields of interest. Members of the media looking for subject matter experts are encouraged to contact the media relations team identified on this page for assistance.

Media style guide

  • Formal name: The Citadel

“The” is always included with the word “Citadel”

Media relations can provide high resolution, electronic versions of the college’s logos for media use up on request. The Citadel’s Brand Toolbox, which includes the college’s official colors, is the go-to resource for The Citadel’s styles and assets.

Media Policy

The Citadel welcomes reporters, photographers, videographers and film crews and is happy to assist with the necessary coordination and approval process. Members of the media must be escorted by a representative of The Citadel Office of Communications and Marketing in all circumstances.

Cadet and Student Privacy

Cadets and students have the right to pursue their educational activities without being disturbed by members of the media. Please follow these guidelines if a cadet or student interview is requested:
Email the request to the media relations team as early in advance as possible. Include the desired date, time, and setting as well as an outline about the subject of interview and whether it is for print, broadcast, internet, or social media purposes. If a specific cadet or student is requested, send that name.

Media Identification

Members of the media must display credentials at all times while on campus.


Media may videotape and photograph exterior locations on campus when arranged through the Office of Communications and Marketing. Some indoor locations are not available to the media at any time, including the mess hall and the inside of the barracks (dorms). Other indoor locations can be included in reports when arranged through the media relations team.


The media is encouraged to cover the iconic and visual Citadel dress parades that are held most Fridays during the academic year. No visitors or members of the media are permitted onto the parade field. A designated media area between the bleachers is available at every parade. Photographers and videographers may also stand around the perimeters of Summerall Field.

TV Live Shots

Broadcast live shots are permitted from several areas on campus and should be arranged through the media relations team.


In the event of a campus emergency or lockdown, members of the media would be directed to the Holiday Alumni Center located at 69 Hagood Ave., across from Johnson Hagood Stadium. The college’s media relations professionals will be stationed there as needed in an emergency.

Bulldogs Athletics

Media covering athletes or athletic events should coordinate with The Citadel Athletics media relations team at 843-953-5353.

Commercial photo/video

Any commercial, non-news photography or videography must be approved in advance by contacting Zach Watson at

For wedding photography on campus, contact Nicole NeDeane

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law requiring that protects the privacy of student information and records. It applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. More FERPA information is located here.