What is Merit?

The Citadel uses Merit, an online network for publicizing student achievements, to celebrate the great things our students do, such as making the dean’s list, studying abroad, participating in volunteer activities, landing an internship and more.

Students receive recognition for their achievements while also creating an online profile – a Merit page – that they can use for jobs, internships and references.

Through the Merit network, students can even share their accomplishments with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

What is a badge?

Merit badges recognize some of the great work you are doing. The college prepares a brief article about your achievement or recognition and awards you one of the following badges: Academic Award, Achievement, Community Service, Internship, Leadership, Military Achievement, Sports, Student Competition or Study Abroad.

Once you have earned a badge, it will automatically be posted to your profile and you will receive an email so you can share it with your friends, family and mentors! A copy of your achievement is also sent to your hometown newspaper and local government representatives.

Why is Merit important to you?

Having another accolade under your name is always a good thing. Since Merit badges are awarded directly from your college, they offer a unique credibility boost that your resume cannot match. Additionally, unique information such as a bio, photo and work experience can be added.

Building this catalog of achievements and badges is an impressive way of mapping your successes and areas of expertise. Going the extra mile to show how you have taken advantage of your experience at The Citadel could make the difference between a big internship, graduate school or dream job.

Plus, Merit pages are easy to share with the people who are invested in student outcomes and success: family, friends, employers, former teachers, coaches, school counselors and staff from volunteer organizations. Achievements are also sent to hometown newspapers and local government representatives.

How can you claim your page?

The Citadel automatically creates your page when you are recognized for an achievement. Once created, you can view your page and add unique information such as a bio, photo and work experience.

To sign in, click the link in any email from Merit or follow these steps:

  1. Go to meritpages.com; search for your name and click the link to your page.
  2. Click “Is this you?” under the profile picture.
  3. Enter your Citadel email address and submit the form.
  4. Claim your Merit page by clicking on the link in the email you receive.
  5. Customize your Merit page by adding your picture, job experience, volunteer work and high school education, and be sure to connect your page to your social media accounts.

You can opt out of Merit at any time or customize your privacy settings to control who can follow you. To opt out of the network, simply reply to any email you receive from Merit and ask to be removed.

How can you contribute student achievements?

Merit allows us to showcase success at The Citadel by publicizing student achievements such as making the dean’s list, studying abroad, participating in volunteer activities, landing an internship and more.

If you know of a student success story, please fill out and submit a contribution form at citadel.meritpages.com/contributions/new. To post the achievement to a student’s page, their name, campus email and hometown must be provided. A member of the Office of Communications and Marketing will review the submission before distribution.