The Citadel implements enhanced disinfecting procedures ahead of cadets’ return

The Citadel Photo

As seen on WCBD – Count on 2, by Katie Augustine

Charleston’s military college, The Citadel, will begin welcoming cadets back in late July. Ahead of their arrival, the school plans to implement heavy sanitizing procedures beginning on July 1st.

Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and disinfectants are just the start of the procedures. A contracted custodial service called The Budd Group has been given the task of keeping The Citadel as clean as possible by deploying disinfection teams out on campus every weeknight.

A variety of tools will be used by both The Budd Group employees and people on campus including electrostatic disinfectant atomizers, regular disinfectant atomizers, and ‘self-help’ sanitizing stations.

Atomizers are machines used to continuously spray disinfectant over large surfaces. The electrostatic disinfectant atomizer can be used to disinfect an entire room in just minutes. It will be one tool used to disinfect all classrooms and public spaces nightly.

A representative for The Budd Group says all disinfectants are botanical.

“Every weeknight we’ve got disinfection teams that are going to deploy across campus and what they’re really targeting is all the heavy traffic areas and specifically classrooms,” said Jeff Lamberson, VP of Facilities and Engineering at The Citadel.

Disinfectant teams will also be on call ready to respond if someone needs a specific area sanitized.

Proctors will be stationed in the library all day long to keep heavy touchpoints, such as stair railings, elevator keys and computers, clean.

Beyond The Budd Group’s sanitation measures, there will be lots of opportunities for ‘self-help’ disinfection.

Disinfection atomizers will be stationed around campus for people to use as needed.

“Disinfection towels, and then we have hand sanitizer stations deployed all over campus so we’re trying to give everybody many options for keeping the environment safe and healthy,” said Lamberson.

Taking it one step further, everyone on campus will be required to wear a face mask.

“As long as we’re in this environment, we’re going to make this the healthiest environment we can,” said Lamberson.

According to Lamberson, MUSC already keeps its facilities very clean and the College of Charleston will be implementing some similar measures to keep their campus safe and healthy as well.

The Citadel plans to implements these new procedures on July 1st and will continue for as long as necessary.