2021-22 Campus Status

Active cases since July 20, 2021
Currently active0
Number recovered654

StatusActive casesClose contactsIsolation and quarantine*
Cadet – campus000
Cadet – home000
Non-cadet student000
Faculty and staff000
*Isolation and quarantine numbers include active and close contact cases
Current as of March 25, 4:00 p.m.

Tracking COVID cases on campus

The Citadel remains vigilant in tracking and reporting new cases of COVID on campus. As of March 8, the COVID tracker above will no longer be updated daily — rather, the tracker will be updated only if new cases are reported.

The Citadel removes mask requirement effective Monday, Jan. 31

Beginning Monday, Jan. 31, The Citadel will no longer require masks to be worn on campus. This change was made possible by the mitigation efforts of the campus community after returning from winter furlough.

Masks will still be required during classes taught by professors with medical accommodations. Cadets and students will be informed if they are enrolled in any classes where masks will continue to be required; faculty may still apply for medical accommodations by emailing hr@citadel.edu.

Anyone wishing to continue wearing a mask on campus may continue to do so. And members of the campus community are reminded that, when interacting with someone wearing a mask, it is considered proper etiquette to wear one as well.

For current guidance on masks from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, click here.


The Citadel recommends everyone on campus get vaccinated, and asks anyone who has not already done so to report their vaccination status via an e-form here or through Banner here.