Honoring America’s newest military leaders

A wide shot of McAlister Field House on The Citadel campus during the Class of 2022 Joint Military Commissioning Ceremony

The Citadel Class of 2022 cadets and students sworn in as officers in the United States Armed Forces

The United States has 180 new officers, members of The Citadel Class of 2022. The cadets and students were sworn in Friday, May 6, during a joint commissioning ceremony on campus in McAlister Field House, joined by their friends and family.

Among the cadets accepting commissions were The Citadel’s first U.S. Space Force officers, Conor William Deans and Jack O. Schwartz. Three cadets will be serving their country in the military as nurses. Many of the new officers will serve in cybersecurity, intelligence, as aviators or unmanned aircraft systems operators, as engineers, in nuclear operations, as combat, and surface warfare officers and in a variety of other military leadership roles.

The Citadel truly does make you a better individual. It teaches you lessons you would not be able to learn anywhere else. Discipline, pride in self, humility and dedication are just a few of the things that are developed in young individuals who take on the challenge that is The Citadel. It creates a solid foundation for the future by challenging cadets to be the best version of themselves.

2nd Lt. Angelea Lance, USA, Military Intelligence, The Citadel Class of 2022, from Flower Mound, Texas
Brig. Gen. David L. Odom, USMC, The Citadel Class of 1991, Commissioning Officer for The Citadel Class of 2022 Joint Military Commissioning Ceremony

By the numbers

The Citadel Class of 2022 new military officers include:

Air Force/Space Force20
Army 122
Marine Corps16

2nd Lt. Steven Reisinger, USMC, from Millerstown, Pennsylvania, is heading to Quantico, Virginia. He will serve as a cybersecurity officer.

The Citadel sets you apart from your future competition in life. The interpersonal skills and morals you receive from your time here transform you into the kind of leader this country so desperately needs. And the friends you make here become family for life.

2nd Lt. Steven Reisinger, USMC, cybersecurity, The Citadel Class of 2022, from Millerstown, Pennsylvania

Watch a recording of The Citadel Class of 2022 Joint Commissioning Ceremony here.

Who they are

AbelLoganArmy Commissionee
AdamsDanielNavy Commissionee
AlejandroJuanArmy Commissionee
BainumErrettAir Force Commissionee
BealJasonAir Force Commissionee
BechtoldThomasArmy Commissionee
BinstockJaydonArmy Commissionee
BlaseChristianArmy Commissionee
BlaseJacksonArmy Commissionee
BohmConchettaArmy Commissionee
BossianJaydenMarine Commissionee
BradyAidanArmy Commissionee
BurkeColeArmy Commissionee
ButtleAustinNavy Commissionee
CampbellDavidArmy Commissionee
CardenteThorinNavy Commissionee
CarnesBrentonArmy Commissionee
CaseyWilliamArmy Commissionee
CerviJosephArmy Commissionee
ChristmasKathrynAir Force Commissionee
ClementRobertNavy Commissionee
ClohertySeanMarine Commissionee
CollazoSebastianNavy Commissionee
CongdonHunterArmy Commissionee
ConnerGrantArmy Commissionee
CookeJohnArmy Commissionee
CostelloSeanArmy Commissionee
CrawfordGavinArmy Commissionee
CribbJonathanMarine Commissionee
CrokerBenjaminArmy Commissionee
DaningerAaronAir Force Commissionee
DavisKalebNavy Commissionee
DeansConorSpace Force
DeazaOdalysArmy Commissionee
DesmoreJoshuaArmy Commissionee
DeveauKatlynArmy Commissionee
DiLiddoKyleArmy Commissionee
DiPaoloMitchellArmy Commissionee
DowningRyanArmy Commissionee
DrozeClarenceArmy Commissionee
DukesJacobArmy Commissionee
DulatIlyarNavy Commissionee
DulinMichaelArmy Commissionee
DupreeKyleArmy Commissionee
DuranFreddyArmy Commissionee
DureskyJacobAir Force Commissionee
DurhamDakotaMarine Commissionee
DysonWesleyArmy Commissionee
EafanoLukeAir Force Commissionee
EnglandZacharyMarine Commissionee
ErvinChaseAir Force Commissionee
ErvinSarahNavy Commissionee
FishEvanAir Force Commissionee
FloresIsabelArmy Commissionee
FolsomBrettAir Force Commissionee
FoustMatthewArmy Commissionee
GalindezJeanArmy Commissionee
GarmonDanielArmy Commissionee
GarwoodDallasArmy Commissionee
GasceyKeyshawnArmy Commissionee
GasqueGraysonNavy Commissionee
GerstenfeldSethArmy Commissionee
GhazalehDahrelAir Force Commissionee
GibbsJamesArmy Commissionee
GlecoCollinNavy Commissionee
GraettingerGarrettNavy Commissionee
GreenCodyMarine Commissionee
GriffinWilliamArmy Commissionee
GriffithCalebArmy Commissionee
GrnaNicholasArmy Commissionee
GuillermoSylvesterMarine Commissionee
HadleyRyanArmy Commissionee
HallTarynAir Force Commissionee
HamiltonTyMarine Commissionee
HarbaughJesseArmy Commissionee
HarperRyanMarine Commissionee
HartAlecArmy Commissionee
HearseyBryceMarine Commissionee
HerbertWilliamArmy Commissionee
HobbsWilliamArmy Commissionee
HolbrookMorganMarine Commissionee
HolcombeWilliamArmy Commissionee
HorvathMatthewAir Force Commissionee
HylandKalebArmy Commissionee
JacksonEthanArmy Commissionee
JacksonMalcolmArmy Commissionee
JeffcoatJamesAir Force Commissionee
JensenWilliamNavy Commissionee
JohnsonLaneAir Force Commissionee
JonesJohnArmy Commissionee
JudsonJoshuaArmy Commissionee
KerlegrandPrestonArmy Commissionee
KingRobertArmy Commissionee
KingmanGavinNavy Commissionee
KoethkeJacksonMarine Commissionee
KretzerKyleArmy Commissionee
LaRosaPaulArmy Commissionee
LanceAngeleaArmy Commissionee
LarsenJacobArmy Commissionee
LatimerEmoryArmy Commissionee
LaurencioChristopherArmy Commissionee
LawsonBrandonArmy Commissionee
LineweaverJonathanArmy Commissionee
LubangJosefinoArmy Commissionee
MaddenBanksArmy Commissionee
MakowskiMichealArmy Commissionee
MaloneyCollinArmy Commissionee
MarkusonBlakeArmy Commissionee
MartinCharlesMarine Commissionee
MartinHarrisonAir Force Commissionee
MaynardLukeNavy Commissionee
McBainDavidArmy Commissionee
McClainTristonArmy Commissionee
McCormickDavidArmy Commissionee
McGrathJohnArmy Commissionee
McNeillCurtisArmy Commissionee
MeetzeLukeArmy Commissionee
MichneJohnArmy Commissionee
MitchumBaileyArmy Commissionee
MordenChristopherArmy Commissionee
MotesLaurenArmy Commissionee
MoyerBrendanArmy Commissionee
NolanWilliamArmy Commissionee
NormanGrantArmy Commissionee
O’DeaDonovanArmy Commissionee
OelkersPaulNavy Commissionee
OlsenKamdenNavy Commissionee
Orozco-GarciaPabloArmy Commissionee
ParkNoahMarine Commissionee
ParkerBrandonArmy Commissionee
ParkhurstAndrewArmy Commissionee
PealGarrettNavy Commissionee
PeatrossJamesNavy Commissionee
PerezJustinArmy Commissionee
PerkinsEmilyNavy Commissionee
PhamKevinArmy Commissionee
PrathipatiAkhilArmy Commissionee
PriceJaretArmy Commissionee
PruittHayesNavy Commissionee
PuzzioAidanArmy Commissionee
Reyes TorresBrandleyArmy Commissionee
RhymerJonathonArmy Commissionee
RichardCameronNavy Commissionee
RobersonNicholasArmy Commissionee
RolandJosephNavy Commissionee
SchainblattJosiahAir Force Commissionee
SchwartzJackSpace Force Commissionee
SchwartzPhillipArmy Commissionee
SchwendAnthonyMarine Commissionee
SimoneJohnArmy Commissionee
SimunChristopherArmy Commissionee
SmithKyleNavy Commissionee
SordoLaurenArmy Commissionee
SpeerGrantArmy Commissionee
SpencerCodyArmy Commissionee
SpohnNicoleNavy Commissionee
StephensBenjaminMarine Commissionee
StoneNathanArmy Commissionee
StringerDavidMarine Commissionee
SwoffordDannyArmy Commissionee
TauntonJacobArmy Commissionee
TaylorBradyArmy Commissionee
TeemsHunterAir Force Commissionee
TimmermanLukeArmy Commissionee
TompkinsCharlesArmy Commissionee
TremblayKarrinaArmy Commissionee
Van SlykeJosephArmy Commissionee
VeraRogerArmy Commissionee
WalkerJeremyMarine Commissionee
WallBrianArmy Commissionee
WaltonSamanthaArmy Commissionee
WarnerWiltonArmy Commissionee
WeaverAziArmy Commissionee
WeaverMatthewNavy Commissionee
WelshCamNavy Commissionee
WeyerCharlesArmy Commissionee
WhitlockBenjaminArmy Commissionee
WillmanFinnArmy Commissionee
WilsonJonathanArmy Commissionee
WoodJeffreyArmy Commissionee
WoodsJoshuaArmy Commissionee
YoungbloodCooperArmy Commissionee
YtemJoseph BrandonAir Force Commissionee
ZeilstraJustinArmy Commissionee
ZiccarelloShannonArmy Commissionee