Even Superheroes Can Benefit From a Business Degree

Superhero Young Man Businessman Standing Outdoors Over City Skyline

Earning a Master of Business Administration or a Bachelors in Business through an Online or evening program is an effective and increasingly popular method of readying oneself for the shifting global landscape. By studying and learning the tools needed to begin and advance a successful managerial career, individuals can leave school with a strong mind for finance, a skill set designed to handle the unknown questions of the future, and a capability for leadership now and in the years to come.

A person might ask, what would a superhero get out of a business degree? While it’s time-consuming to save the world, a good evening or online program has flexible scheduling that can work around their heroic schedules, so let’s consider who would have the most to gain.

Tony Stark – Iron Man

He’s an unquestionable scientific genius whose inventions sent his father’s already successful company into the stratosphere, and that’s been enough to make him a key component of the Avengers. His comfort with the limelight also makes him a keen technology marketer. Business school staples such as marketing, IT management and leadership skills help push Stark Industries and the Avengers forward.

Bruce Wayne – Batman

The original rich-man-turned-superhero, Batman’s dark persona makes him the epitome of a quiet executive who delegates responsibility. Accordingly, he is rarely seen in the context of Wayne Industries except as its face and occasional dealmaker; Lucius Fox is the main decision-maker at the company. Because Wayne Enterprises existed prior to Bruce Wayne, he effectively became the wealthy heir who spends the family money to support his alter ego.

With that in mind, and given the fact he relies on Wayne Enterprises to fund his superhero work, Batman should give special attention to courses on accounting, finance, and operations management as a way to keep more control over his business interests and ensure the necessary income will remain available.

T’Challa – Black Panther

As the ruler of Wakanda, some might advise King T’Challa not to run his government like a business. Though there is value in that advice, given that Wakanda is en route to becoming known after having hidden itself from the world for centuries, T’Challa is in a prime position to create one or more government-owned corporations so that his nation may maximize the profit from their extraordinary scientific endeavors. After all, once a secret is known to some, it spreads one way or another.

Even if he chose to remain mostly disconnected from the day-to-day business of such corporations, it would behoove the king to study the strategic and international management so that he might appoint the best people to the most important spots in any such corporation. (It’s unfortunate that Erik Killmonger was so focused on overthrowing the Black Panther; with an MBA already in hand, he could have done well heading a Wakandan corporation.)

Emma Frost

The only person with inborn (mutant) powers on this list, Emma Frost did not rely on her telepathic powers to get by. A genius in her own right, she earned multiple degrees, including in Business Administration. She understood the value in a business education and put her learning to use as the CEO of Frost Enterprises, leading it to become a rival of Stark Enterprises. For a person who created her company from scratch to reach the same level as those men who relied on what their forebears had built is evidence that, even in the comics, the value of a structured business education pays enormous dividends.

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It’s fun to consider how a business degree would affect our favorite fictional characters, but these examples mirror the real world, too! Business students learn from their instructors’ decades of experience, gaining insights rarely attained through nothing but real-world experience and becoming suited to advance to the highest levels of the business world.

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