Legacy graduates presented with diplomas by parents, grandparents

Citadel 2017 graduation

At The Citadel, the presentation of diplomas is a family affair for many graduates. Over 60 cadets and students had the privilege of meeting their alumni family members on stage to receive their diplomas at commencement on Saturday. A tradition since 1962 (adopted later by The Citadel Graduate College), the practice serves as a way to formally usher in the newest additions to the Long Gray Line.

South Carolina Corps of Cadets

This year the South Carolina Corps of Cadets had 51 legacy graduates. In The Citadel Graduate College, there were 12 legacies. For these graduates, attending The Citadel is a family tradition.

The Class of 2017 legacy graduates of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets are:

Student Name Alumnus Name Relationship
Alexander III, Charles Hugh Mr. Charles Hugh Alexander, Jr., ’82 Father
Bedenbaugh, Andrew William Mr. Timothy Lee Bedenbaugh, ’81 Father
Bedenbaugh, Benjamin Paul Mr. Michael Alan Bedenbaugh, ’83 Father
Bentley, Rachel Catherine Colonel William C. Bentley III, USMC, ’91 Father
Braddock Jr., Kenneth Cecil Colonel Kenneth C. Braddock, Sr., USA, Ret., ’83 Father
Bresette, James Logan Captain James L. Bresette, USPHS, ’81 Father
Buchanan, Andrew G Mr. Karl James Buchanan ’86 Father
Buyer, Matthew William John Joseph Buyer, Sr., D.D.S., ’50 Grandfather
John Joseph Buyer, Jr., D.D.S., ’79 Father
Campsen, Boyce Lightest M. Tucker Laffitte Jr., M.D., ’50 Grandfather
Carr Jr., Stephen Matthew Mr. James H. Carr, ’57 Grandfather
Chalfant, Matthew Thomas Mr. Marcus C. Chalfant, ’87 Father
Churchill IV, Thomas Henderson Mr. Thomas Henderson Churchill III, ’91 Father
DeVore, Jonathan Brooks Mr. Millard F. DeVore, ’78 Father
Dickerson, Matthew Karlmichael Lieutenant General John B. Sams, Jr., USAF, Ret., ’67 Grandfather
Faherty, Nolan Shawn Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Shawn Faherty, USA, Ret., ’86 Father
Farmer III, Frank Hunter Mr. Van Fleming Allen, 54 Grandfather
Frasier IV, Edward Mr. Edward Frasier III, ’91 Father
Garrett III, Mason Young Mr. Mason Y. Garrett, ’88 Father
Harbol, Marcus Quentin Kevin Lee Harbol, Ph.D., ’81 Father
Higgins, Adam Mills Mr. Rick M. Higgins, ’86 Father
Holman, Zachary Michael Mr. Robert Charles Hoyler, ’67 Grandfather
Hudgens IV, John Hampton Lieutenant Colonel John H. Hudgens III, SCARNG, ’84 Father
Hymes, William Tradd Mr. William Edward Hymes, ’85 Father
Kellahan Jr., Christopher Patrick Mr. Christopher P. Kellahan ’89 Father
Kirk, Michael Grayson Mr. Michael Lawrence Kirk, ’89 Father
Krawczak, Martin Christopher Mr. Douglas Norman Krawczak, ’89 Father
Laliberte, Brinson C Lieutenant Todd A. Laliberte, USANG, Ret., ’85 Father
Lamond, Robert Michael Mr. Michael T. Lamond, ’84 Father
Longueville, Michael Robert Mr. Thierry P. Longueville, ’85 Father
Maddalena, Nickolas Alexander Lieutenant Corey Caswell, USN, ’08 Father
Massey, Derek Douglas Patton Mr. Scott Derek Massey, ’92 Father
McDonnell, Jared Joseph Mr. James Joseph McDonnell, ’88 Father
Moody Jr., Millard Gregory Mr. Millard Gregory Moody Sr., ’85 Father
Murdaugh, Steven Matthew Mr. Steven Dean Murdaugh, ’88 Father
Nuttall, Austin Edward Mr. Edward Hucks Nuttall, ’91 Grandfather
Colonel Robert H. Nuttall, Sr., SCM, ’62 Father
Pappas, Gregory Paul Mr. Paul Arthur Pappas, ’92 Father
Powers III, Lloyd Venson Mr. Lloyd Venson Powers, Jr., ’78 Father
Raynal, Brian William Lieutenant Colonel Jon Scott Raynal, USA, Ret., ’87 Father
Mr. Norm Taylor Raynal, ’62 Grandfather
Rieth, Craig Kennedy Major General Glenn Kennedy Rieth, USA, Ret., ’80 Father
Schreiber, William Colonel Mark Schreiber, USA, ’86 Father
Stephenson II, Harry Roberts Mr. Harry Swan Stephenson, ’80 Father
Trent, Zachary David Mr. John David Trent, ’84 Father
Vanvick, William Phillips Mr. Scott Carlin Vanvick, ’80 Father
Von Lehe IV, Diedreich Petermann Diedreich Petermann von Lehe, Jr., M.D., ’55 Grandfather
Watkins, Russell Hayes Mr. Ray dee Hayes, Jr., ’52 Grandfather
Wicker, Wilson Guy Mr. Kenneth Wayne Wicker, ’87 Father
Williams, Christopher Mr. James Williams, ’89 Father
Winston, William Robert Colonel Robert Dale Winston, USAF, Ret., ’79 Father
Wright III, Howard Hampton Mr. Howard Hampton Wright, Jr, ’84 Father
Mr. Howard Hampton Wright, Sr, ’58 Grandfather
Yaeger, Jordan William Mr. William Lewis Yaeger Jr., ’83 Father
Young, William Rockwell The Honorable William Jeffrey Young, ’77 Father

The Citadel Graduate College

The Class of 2017 Graduate College graduates are:

Student Name Alumnus Name Relationship
Watford, III, Woodrow Wilson Mr. Woodrow Wilson Watford, Jr., ’86 Father
Veyera, Jennifer Anne MAJ J. Stephen Veyera, USA (Ret), ’75 Father
Thomas, Lora Coleman LTC William Henry Thomas, USAR (Ret), ’71 Father
Standard III, Paul Garland Mr. Paul Garland Standard, Jr., ’84 Father
Pieper, Rebekah Nale Dr. Dan Davin Nale, ’82 Father
Dillon, Kelley Rose Mr. Jeffrey Mark Dillon, ’82 Father
McGee, Alexis Victoria MAJ Mark Lewis McGee, ’98 Father
Dettrey, Elizabeth Farris Mr. Hugh Albert Farris, Sr., ’50 Father
Fann, Matthew Ryan Mr. Jim Fann, ’86 Father
Mitchell Sr., Reginald Mr. Reginald Mitchell, II, ’13 Son
FitzGerald, Patricia Lamoree Mr. James Perdue FitzGerald, ’76 Husband
Parks, Laura Parks Mr. William Marshall Winslow, 76 Father