Bringing the World Together Through Online Education

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In the world today, there are over 4 billion people using the internet. This is over half of the world’s population, and as technology progresses and improves, this trend will only continue. With greater internet accessibility and use, the utilization of various internet services is also rising.

The Boom of Online Education

One area which has continued to see growth is the area of online education. According to the Distance Education Enrollment Report of 2017, conducted by Digital Learning Compass, there are over 6 million students enrolled in at least one online course.

There are many benefits to online learning such as versatility and affordability. Although online learning has a cost, there are also many costs saved by living at home or being able to better manage having a job while continuing to obtain an education. One very important benefit of online education is the manner in which it can introduce new perspectives and cultures, which serves to globalize the field of education.

Gaining Perspectives From Around the World

The internet has made online education an option for anyone in the world with access and the means to enroll. Students who are in a particular course are often from different countries. Since the students do not have the opportunity to meet face to face, online curriculum often utilizes assignments that can help students get to know one another.

  • Discussion posts: Online courses often utilize discussion post assignments, where students respond to a thread and share ideas from their own cultural perspective. Students may be asked to discuss a topic or issue which is challenging in the world today, and they can offer unique insight from their own point of view and experience. To encourage engagement, students may be required to not only express their opinion in a discussion thread, but also to respond to another student’s thread by making comments or asking questions.
  • Online chatting sessions through the LMS or calls: These assignments improve communication and open the door to learning more about others. Students have the opportunity to find out more about the world and can interact with people they would not normally encounter.
  • Group collaboration projects: Online courses often utilize group projects where students have to investigate some issue together. They must communicate with one another to reach their goal, and in the process, they learn new things about others and the world around them.

Online Education and the Globalization of Learning

Online education can also serve as the catalyst for globalizing the field of education. As the world becomes more connected, countries are beginning to understand the importance of looking at education from a global perspective.

research article looking at several nations as case studies in relation to global curriculum pointed out that a key area of development in a global curriculum is in the field of STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Although every country is very different and the methods of pedagogy are diverse, the article contends that STEM is in fact already the de facto global curriculum.

The area of STEM is significant in all areas of the world, and as mankind progresses, students need to experience opportunities in these fields. The STEM fields are significant because they involve critical thinking and problem solving skills. They also promote inquiry-based learning, which is essential as we try to develop solutions to problems in the world today.

Countries are seeking to learn from one another about what has worked in the field of education and are realizing their need to improve to stay competitive globally. Although changes can be slow when dealing with government and its role in public education, students are continuing to encourage change by being global learners through online education.

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