Class rings, cadet promotions and more from Parents’ Weekend 2022

Regimental Commander Brandon Johnson, his mother and father and Citadel President Gen. Glenn Walters

Parents’ Weekend is, each year, one of the college’s major events.

Held annually in October, Parents’ Weekend offers a chance for friends and family to visit campus and experience two of the main milestones in a cadet’s career.

The first is the Ring Presentation to the senior class. On Friday, Oct. 7, members of the Class of 2023 marched from the barracks to Summerall Chapel, where they were presented with their Band of Gold. Immediately following the presentation, the senior cadets saluted The Citadel War Memorial before returning to their barracks.

The next day, the freshmen cadet-recruits — called knobs — were promoted to cadet privates and presented their company letters. Along with Matriculation Day and Recognition Day, it’s one of the most important days for a knob.

Also on Saturday, four cadet companies competed in the finals for the Kelly Cup, which is awarded to the best-drilled fourth-class squad in the Corps of Cadets.

This year, the Kelly Cup went to Echo Company.

The weekend also included a Rifle Legion performance in Padgett-Thomas Barracks, a Jeep Review parade on Summerall Field and a Summerall Guard performance at halftime during the football game with Furman University.

The first Parents’ Day at The Citadel was held in 1934.