Cadets getting wild in the Charleston County Public Library

Wolf drawing by Citadel cadet

Citadel cadets’ wildlife drawings on view at the Charleston County Public Library Main Branch through January 31

Photo above: Wolf by Cadet Shaun Garza, ’24, Criminal Justice major, Fine Arts minor

“All Creatures Great and Small: Wildlife Drawings by Citadel Cadets” is an exhibition currently on view in the front lobby of the main branch of the Charleston County Public Library on the peninsula.

Raccoon drawing by Cadet Matthew Nulman ’21, Mechanical Engineer major, Fine Arts minor

This exhibition showcases artwork by 14 cadets selected from Prof. Rick Sargent’s popular drawing and wildlife drawing classes.

Cadets used charcoal or pen and ink on toned paper to draw a variety of animals from a bear to a butterfly.

Dog drawing by Veteran Day Student, Catherine Rodriguez, ’24, Business major, Fine Arts minor

The exhibit was curated by Sargent, a Fine Arts Visiting Professor with The Citadel School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and The Citadel Director of Fine Arts, Tiffany Silverman.

Bear drawing by Cadet Mao-Xiang Hou ’21, Business major, Fine Arts minor

The library is located at 68 Calhoun Street, with free parking for visitors in a garage being the library. Operating hours are listed at this link, but may be subject to change due to the pandemic.

Due to COVID restrictions, rather than having a formal exhibition opening, there will be an informal drop-in on Wednesday, January 26 from 5-7 p.m. in the library lobby, during which Sargent, Silverman and some of the exhibiting cadets will be available to answer questions about the artworks.

Cadets with artwork on view

Butterfly drawing by Cadet Issac Koepper ’22, Electrical Engineering major

Cadets included in the exhibition are as follows. Note that the majority of the exhibitors are Fine Arts minors, one of the largest minors on campus.

Jonathon Dowell, ‘22, Electrical Engineering major/Fine Arts minor  

Shaun Garza, ‘24, Criminal Justice major/Fine Arts minor  

Mia Gervais, ‘23, Psychology major/Fine Arts minor   

Mao-Xiang Hou, ‘21, Business major/Fine Arts minor  

Alecia Koch, ‘21, Criminal Justice major/Fine Arts minor 

Isaac Koepper, ‘22, Electrical Engineering major  

Grayham Ives, ‘22, Accounting major  

Wesley Lane, ‘21, Business major/Fine Arts minor  

Princess Lopez, ‘25, Psychology major  

Kaytlynne McCord, ‘22, Chemistry major/Fine Arts minor  

Michael Mewhorter, ‘20, Intelligence major  

Matthew Nulman, ‘21, Mechanical Engineering major/Fine Arts minor  

Catherine Rodriguez, ‘24, Business major/Fine Arts minor (Veteran Day Student)

Noah Williams, ‘25, Intelligence major/Fine Arts minor  

Wolf by Cadet Shaun Garza, ’24, Criminal Justice major, Fine Arts minor