“As soon as I stepped on the campus, I knew that The Citadel was the place for me”: Meet Cadet Zoe Crecos

Cadet Zoe Crecos is a Marketing and Business Development major with a minor in Data Science from Palm Beach, Florida. She is a member of the Regimental Band and hopes to pursue a career in the supply chain industry after graduation.

Crecos answered a series of questions from Kamryn Peebles, this year’s Regimental Public Affairs NCO, in honor of Women’s History Month and in celebration of 25 Years of Female Cadet Graduates at The Citadel.

Why did you choose The Citadel for your college experience? 

I first heard about The Citadel through a teammate on my high school sports team and an alumnus who reached out to me about considering the school. After meeting with the alumnus and learning more about The Citadel, he convinced me to visit. As soon as I stepped on the campus, I knew that The Citadel was the place for me. The emphasis on structure and discipline appealed to me. Having a background in combat sports, I felt confident in facing the mental and physical challenges that might come my way. I also appreciated that attending The Citadel sets you apart. It provides valuable lessons in leadership and professionalism that many other college students may not have the chance to experience.

When you’re faced with a challenge, what motivates you to overcome it?

When I face challenges, I remember my purpose at The Citadel, to honor and live for God. Difficulties help me shift my focus to overcoming obstacles in a way that honors Him reminding myself that God placed me here for a reason. 

What inspired you to choose your major? Do you have any post-graduation plans?

I am majoring in Marketing and Business Development with a minor in Data Science. I selected these fields due to their versatility, allowing me to explore various career paths and acquire a unique skill set. The business school at The Citadel also offers many opportunities to get involved and create professional connections. Following graduation, my goal is to pursue a career in the supply chain industry.

Are you involved in any clubs or extracurriculars at The Citadel?

I am a member of the Regimental Band, and my involvement with the band has been a distinctive experience. The band is highly visible compared to other companies at The Citadel since we play during parades and other outside events. This additional responsibility adds to the challenge of balancing band responsibilities, academics and cadet life.

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What resources or support systems have you found helpful during your time at The Citadel?

My mother has been my biggest supporter during my time at The Citadel. Her consistent availability for conversations, periodic care packages and visits on special weekends have made a significant impact. Without her unwavering support, my experience here would not have been possible.

As a woman at The Citadel, what advice would you give to other women who are considering coming here?

For women considering attending The Citadel, I advise making the most of every opportunity available during your time here. Embrace involvement from the beginning, participate in clubs, pursue leadership roles and consistently push your limits. The Citadel has played a crucial role in shaping the person I have become due to the opportunities I have received. Being a woman does not hinder anyone from thriving both during and after their time at The Citadel.

About Regimental Public Affairs NCO Kamryn Peebles

Kamryn Peebles is a biology major who lives in Conway, South Carolina and is originally from Erie, Pennsylvania. Peebles is the Regimental Public Affairs NCO on campus and wants to pursue a career in optometry or physical therapy.