Top ROTC cadets recognized for their leadership and excellence

Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony

More than 100 men and women from the Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in the South Carolina Corps of Cadets are being recognized for their academic and military leadership and excellence

Cadets at Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony
Cadets at Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony

The Citadel ROTC departments provide cadets with officer training during college to allow them to begin their military careers as officers after graduation. Through the departments, which include Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, Marines ROTC and Navy ROTC, The Citadel is one of the nation’s proven producers of top military leaders.

Annually, the departments nominate their finest cadets and active duty students for awards. This year’s award recipients were honored on Thursday, April 4 in McAlister Field House. This year’s award winners are:

Air Force Association Cadet Medal

Presented a junior cadet in recognition of outstanding achievement in leadership and academic standing in the Air Force ROTC.

Zachary Blackburn – Air Force

American Legion Military Excellence Award

Presented to Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force cadets who have demonstrated military excellence.

Austin Llera – Army
Joseph Scerbo – Navy
Ryan Kirby – Marine Corps
Mitchell Dobin – Air Force

American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award

Presented to Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force cadets who have demonstrated scholastic excellence.

Richard DeKold – Army
Mitchell Felt – Navy
Byron Parmely – Marine Corps
James Quimby – Air Force

American Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam Award

Presented to ROTC cadets for diligence, discharge of duty and willingness to serve God and country.

Kenneth Balding – Army
Matthew Dymond – Navy
Damon Susanke – Marine Corps
Trent Martindale – Air Force

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA)

Recognizes ROTC students who have demonstrated good moral character, academic excellence and potential to serve as officers in the United States Armed Forces.

Matthew Ransom – Army
Andrew Becker – Navy
Matthew Bartolomei – Marine Corps
John Delpizzo – Air Force

Association of the United States Army Award (AUSA)

Presented annually to the cadet who epitomizes the Army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Bryan Kim – Army

Association of the United States Army Military History Award

Presented to a cadet who has demonstrated a strong interest in and acumen regarding the study of military history. The award is a joint project of the Association of the U.S. Army, in conjunction with the US Army Center of Military History.

Daniel Black – Army

Cadets during Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony
Cadets during Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony

AT&T Veterans University ROTC Leadership Award

Presented to ROTC cadets who have displayed the ability to solve problems outside the box by using innovative thinking and carrying it through to execution.

Sarah Zorn – Army
Peter Tillman – Navy
Noah Harvey-Fonvil – Marine Corps
Joanna Winborn – Air Force

Daughters of the American Revolution Award (DAR)

Presented to one outstanding cadet from each ROTC unit who demonstrates the qualities of dependability and good character, leadership ability and a fundamental and patriotic understanding of the importance of ROTC training.

Mattthew Coppola – Army
Margaret Desser – Navy
Ugonna Wosu – Marine Corps
Marcus Millhouse – Air Force

Chief of Naval Operations Distinguished Midshipmen Graduate Award

Honors one graduating midshipman at each NROTC Unit and midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy who demonstrate the highest standards of leadership, academic and military performance. 

OC Andrew Shugan – Navy

Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award

Recognizes outstanding upperclassmen who have demonstrated the qualities of leadership and high scholastic average, and who are highly active in student affairs.

Ethan Stanley – Army
Ethan Powers – Navy
Regina Miles – Marine Corps
Caleb Moseley – Air Force

Department of the Army Superior Cadet Award

The Department of the Army provides this award annually to the outstanding ROTC cadet in each year of military science at The Citadel that is in the top 25 percent of their ROTC class and academic class.

Grant Speer – Army
John Kinder – Army
Paul Vargas – Army
Nicholas Sloan – Army

Major General Robert Frederick Leadership Award

Presented to a cadet who successfully graduates from the Leader Development and Assessment Course, is compliant with the Army ROTC contract and exhibits exceptional leadership ability and potential.

Maxwell Miller – Army

General Westmoreland Award

The General Westmoreland Award is presented to an airborne qualified cadet at The Citadel by The 82nd Airborne Division, Lowcountry Airborne Chapter.

Kyle Hammond – Army

Marine Corps Association Award

Presented to a Marine option midshipman in recognition of high endeavor and superior accomplishment during four years of study at The Citadel as a Marine option student.

Brandon Hickey – Marine Corps

Marine Corps League Leadership Award

Presented to outstanding Marine and Navy seniors that have excelled in the areas of leadership, academics and military performance.

Logan Barber – Navy
Samuel Abernathy – Marine Corps

Military Officer Association of America ROTC Medal (MOAA)

Presented to outstanding cadets or midshipmen in their next-to-last year in the program who has demonstrated exceptional potential for military leadership.

Gus Karres – Army
Jeremy Green – Navy
Ian Hohlbein – Marine Corps
Jackson Buda – Air Force

Military Order of the World Wars Award (MOWW)

Presented to one member in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th class from each branch of service for their diligence in demonstrating military excellence and outstanding accomplishments during the year.

Jean Galindez – Army
William Rathke – Army
Samuel Eckert – Army
Nicole Spohn – Navy
William Hesse – Navy
Antonio Carbajal – Marine Corps
Jeremy Gentle – Marine Corps
Dillon Ortiz – Marine Corps
Kathryn Christmas – Air Force
Taurus Brown – Air Force
Cole Gambill – Air Force

National Defense Transportation Association Award (NDTA)

Recognizes a senior cadet who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities, academic achievement, and aptitude for military service.

John O’Rourke – Army
Zacarias Neu – Navy
Sgt Ryan Skibicki – Marine Corps
Jesse Havener – Air Force

Cadets during Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony
Cadets during Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony

National Defense Industrial Association Award (NDIA)

Presented to a cadet who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities.

Samuel McQuitty – Army
Ian Tucker – Navy
Kenzie Vargo – Marine Corps
David Days – Air Force

National Sojourners Award

Recognizes cadets in each ROTC department who have a potential for outstanding leadership and have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed and conduct.

Cameron Cobb – Army
Andrew Newton – Navy
Anthony Vandiver – Marine Corps
Tai Lum – Air Force

Naval Submarine League Award

Presented to the top Navy ROTC graduate volunteering for the Submarine Force.

SSgt Graham Atwater – Navy

Navy League Honors Award

Presented to the top academic performers of the personnel within the Enlisted Commissioning Programs of the Navy ROTC department.

Cedric Barnes – Navy
SSgt Jacob Anderson – Marine Corps

Pallas Athene Award

Presented to a female Army cadet who showcases scholastic excellence and is outstanding in her class.

Alexis Edwards – Army

Reserve Officers Association Award

Presented to cadets who have demonstrated outstanding competence in the arts and sciences of national defense.

Etienne Fonteneau – Army
Tyler Farr – Army
Abigal Murn – Army
Jason Flowers – Navy
John Pippins – Navy
Charles Anderson – Navy
Charles Kent – Marine Corps
James Mundy – Marine Corps
Andrew Christensen – Marine Corps
James Walker – Air Force
Trent Martindale – Air Force
Blayne Hayes – Air Force

Society of the Daughters of the War of 1812

Presented to cadets who have significantly demonstrated and encouraged the ideals of Americanism by both deed and conduct.

Isabel Flores – Army
Sarah Kardohely – Navy
Juan Alday – Marine Corps
Luke Osburn – Air Force

Society of the War of 1812 Award

Presented to cadets in the 3rd class who have done the most to demonstrate and encourage the ideals of Americanism by both deed and conduct.

Tanner Kennaw – Army
Daniel Esteban – Navy
Andrew Desjardins – Marine Corps
Noah Hammond – Air Force

Sons of the American Revolution Award (SAR)

Presented to the outstanding Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force cadets based on military excellence and scholarship in their ROTC studies and activities.

John Simone – Army
Paul Oelkers – Navy
SSgt Mark Vowels – Marine Corps
Ethan Jackson – Air Force

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

Recognizes outstanding engineering students of the Military Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Nathaniel Scoggins – Army
OC Jonathan Plant – Navy
SSgt Joshua Moore – Marine Corps
Andrew Burckhalter – Air Force

Special Forces Association Medal of Excellence

Presented to a standout freshman or sophomore cadet who has shown scholastic excellence and military proficiency in keeping with the ideals of U.S. Special Forces.

Jonathan Westmoreland – Army
Garret Graettinger – Navy
GYSgt Ronald Reid – Marine Corps
Chase Ervin – Air Force

Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Award

Presented to outstanding cadets who have made significant contributions to demonstrate and encourage patriotism through participation in activities on campus or in the community.

Breana Broad – Army
David Clark  – Navy
Samantha Engel – Marine Corps
James Quimby – Air Force

USAA Spirit Award

Presented to students in each ROTC department that best display the traits and characteristics that embody the spirit of service to others.

Cole Burke – Army
Dana Duggan – Marine Corps
Aaron Tyler – Air Force

Veterans of Foreign Wars Award (VFW)

Presented annually to seniors or juniors in each ROTC department who has achieved an outstanding academic record.

Avery Grizzle – Army
Michael Hopersberger – Navy
David Mitchell – Marine Corps
Michael Farnham – Air Force