The new faces of cadet leadership at The Citadel for the Class of 2020

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The Office of the Commandant announced the cadets who will lead the Corps for the 2019-2020 school year

The South Carolina Corps of Cadets 11 top ranking officers for the 2019-2020 academic year are preparing for their new roles. This will be the first year the regimental staff will include the position of deputy regimental commander, which will be the second in command.

The cadets who have earned the top leadership positions are:

Richard Snyder – Regimental Commander
From Powell, OH and majoring in business administration
Brennen Zeigler – Deputy Regimental Commander
From Chapin, SC and majoring in business administration

Bailey Richardson – Regimental XO
From Galivants Ferry, SC and majoring in biology
Preston Bell – Honor Board Chair
From Moncks Corner, SC and majoring in political science
Jeffrey McGee – Regimental Academic Officer
From Bowling Green, KY and majoring in accounting

Mitchell Dobin – 1st Battalion Commander
From Lafayette, CA and majoring in business administration
James Quimby – 2nd Battalion Commander
From York, SC and majoring in physics
Henry Brown – 3rd Battalion Commander
From St. Louis, MO and majoring in political science

Adam Niehoff – 4th Battalion Commander
From Wantage, NJ and majoring in political science
Brady Lucas – 5th Battalion Commander
From Gilbert, SC and majoring in business administration
Carson Adams – Sergeant Major
From Chapin, SC and majoring in accounting

The regimental staff will lead approximately 80 cadet officers in the command of the Corps’ five battalions and 21 companies next year, with positions ranging from battalion sergeant majors to company first sergeants. They are selected by the Office of the Commandant after a series of interviews and reviews of their performance during the years leading up to becoming a first class (senior) cadet. Following this selection process, the remaining staff and leadership positions will be filled by cadets whose performance within the Corps qualifies them for leadership roles.

The Citadel’s mission to educate and develop cadets into principled leaders is the driving force behind the integral military system at the college, which is in operation at all times when school is in session, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Below are the names of the full regimental staff, company commanders, battalion sergeants majors and company first sergeants:

Regimental Staff

Richard Snyder – Regimental Commander
Brennen Zeigler – Deputy Regimental Commander
Bailey Richardson – Regimental XO
Preston Bell – Honor Board Chair
Jeffrey McGee – Regimental Academic Officer
Johnathan Holliday – Regimental Adjutant
Zachary Blackburn – Regimental Provost Marshall
Ethan Warner – Regimental Operations Officer
George Wisniewski – Regimental Supply Officer
Breana Broad – Regimental Public Affairs Officer
Oliver Terry – Honor Vice Chair for Education
Trace Guy – Honor Vice Chair for Investigations
Carlos Camacho – Honor Vice Chair for Operations
Victoria Krone – Regimental Religious Officer
Nathaniel Ballard – Regimental Human Affairs Officer
Marcell Randall – Regimental Athletic Officer
Rhaei Brown – Regimental Activities Officer
Carlos Camacho – Regimental Recruiting Officer
Darrian Wyble – Regimental Head Drill Master Officer
Carson Adams – Regimental Sergeant Major
Matthew E. Dittrich – Regimental Academic NCO
William Rathke – Regimental Admin NCO
Ryan Salter – Regimental Operations NCO
Collin Buckhannon – Regimental Supply NCO
William Rowe – Regimental Provost NCO
Anthony Sands – Regimental Human Affairs NCO
Ruby Bolden – Regimental Public Affairs NCO
Keyton M. Daniels – Regimental Recruiting NCO
Christian Seidler – Regimental Athletics NCO
Michelle Banzon – Regimental Activities NCO
David McBain – Regimental Operations Clerk
Matthew Wren – Regimental Operations Clerk
Angelea Lance – Regimental Admin Clerk
Matthew Jones – Regimental Admin Clerk
Matthew Dangerfield – Regimental Supply Clerk
Noah Mills – Regimental Supply Clerk

1st Battalion

Mitchell Dobin – Battalion Commander
Andrew Caron – Battalion Sergeant Major
Montele Adams – A Company Commander
Victoria Conley – A Company First Sergeant
Jennifer Pozzani – B Company Commander
Marrik Kelley – B Company First Sergeant
Thomas Lowery – C Company Commander
Alfred Gregg – C Company First Sergeant
Gabriel Gonzalez – D Company Commander
Douglas Smith – D Company First Sergeant

2nd Battalion

James Quimy – Battalion Commander
Nicholas Piacentini – Battalion Sergeant Major
Raymond Sullivan – E Company Commander
Gillian Druzisky – E Company First Sergeant
Chase Kinsey – F Company Commander
Ethan Stanley – F Company First Sergeant
James Mundy – G Company Commander
Caleb Williams – G Company First Sergeant
Andrew Diegel – H Company Commander
William Curtis – H Company First Sergeant
Phromnachanok Ketphan – BD Company Commander
Logan Scronce – BD Comany First Sergeant

3rd Battalion

Henry Brown – Battalion Commander
Fuller Prickett – Battalion Sergeant Major
Christopher Russell – I Company Commander
Jacob Hardee – I Company First Sergeant
Justice Woods – K Company Commander
Ryan Williams – K Company First Sergeant
James Lipscomb – L Company Commander
Samantha Engel – L Company First Sergeant
Anna Dinovo – M Company Commander
Daniel Esteban – M Company First Sergeant

4th Battalion

Adam Niehoff – Battalion Commander
Wesley Kelley – Battalion Sergeant Major
William Hesse – N Company Commander
JoAnna Winborn – N Company First Sergeant
Hannah Jalbert – O Company Commander
Patrick Kress – O Company First Sergeant
Mark Weakland – R Company Commander
Brock Mehl – R Company First Sergeant
Benjamin Klassen – T Company Commander
Peter Tillman – T Company First Sergeant

5th Battalion

Brady Lucas – Battalion Commander
Caleb Moseley – Battalion Sergeant Major
Olivia Jones – P Company Commander
Nicholas Fricchione – P Company First Sergeant
Daniel Barberena – Palmetto Battery Commander
Owen Dunne – Palmetto Battery First Sergeant
Sameul Santiago – S Company Commander
Noah Hammond – S Company First Sergeant
Gus Karres – V Company Commander
Joseph Field – V Company First Sergeant