The Citadel’s legacy of tradition continues with the Class of 2019

Generic ring and diploma

Legacy cadets and students receive their diplomas from special alumni

Attending The Military College of South Carolina is a tradition for some families that dates back generations. That presents a special opportunity for cadets and students to receive their diplomas on stage from a mother, father, or another close family member who is a Citadel graduate.

The South Carolina Corps of Cadets Class of 2019 has 58 legacy students who invited special presenters. Their names are as follows:

Graduate Name Alumnus Name Relationship
Kenneth Cezar Balding Capt. Webster D. Balding, USCG (Ret.) ’86 Father
Claude Baldwin V COL Claude Baldwin III, USMC (Ret.), ’61 Grandfather
Claude Baldwin IV ’86 Father
Charles Reid Bearden Charles Paxton Bearden, ’91 Father
Richard Stockton Blanchard III Richard S. Blanchard Sr., ’57 Grandfather
Richard S. Blanchard Jr., ’86 Father
Robert Hasselle Bowles Dr. Robert H. Bowles, Sr. Grandfather
Jackson Daniel Boyd James M. Boyd, ’93 Father
Nicholas Bryant Brace LTC Keith Brace, USA, (Ret.), ’91 Father
Parker Thomas Buchanan MAJ John Bonnard Roache, SCNG, ’98 Step-father
Andrew Carlisle Burckhalter Joseph Cook Young, ’89 Step-father
Parker Ross Byrd Allen Ruffin Carter, Jr., ’62 Grandfather
Paul Clayton Calcagno Paul Anthony Calcagno, ’89 Father
Edward Bennett Chapman Augustus “Gus” Graham Chapman, ’88 Father
Stephen Joseph Churchill Thomas H. Churchill, III, ’91 Father
Richard Leroy Cook III Richard L. Cook, Jr., ’84 Father
Skylar Roderick Cooper Dr. J. Patrick Johnson, ’78 Father
Hunter Elizabeth Crawley Ronald William Crawley, ’83 Father
Charles Stephen Deaver III Chuck Deaver, ’90 Father
Richard Anderson Drake Thomas Anderson Drake, ’89 Father
Koby Thomas Eklund Gregory Brad Eklund, ’91 Father
Thomas Jeffrey Fender Charles Russ Fender, ’86 Father
Jordan Thomas Fitzgerald David Fitzgerald, ’91 Father
Maxwell Garner Fleming Dr. David Stephen Fleming, ’91 Father
James Gara Fleshman III James Gara Fleshman, II, ’90 Father
Henry Walton Flowers Walton K. Flowers, ’88 Father
John Rhett Frazier IV John Rhett Frazier, III, ’90 Father
James Harold Green Jr. James H. Green, ’87 Father
Sheldon Grey Herbert Talvin T. Herbert, ’86 Father
Michael Ashford Hopersberger Dr. Clinton J. Butler, CPS, MC, USN (Ret.), ’78 Father
Robert Cornelius Hudson David Knox Hudson, ’84 Father
James Matthew Hurley COL James B. Hurley, USAF (Ret.), ’82 Father
Austin Brooks Jowers Harvey Allen Jowers, ’86 Father
Jonathan Abbott Kelley Raymond Kelley, ’83 Father
Evan Howland Stanton Kent LTC Clifford J. Kent, USA (Ret), ’84 Father
John Paul Kinson Joseph Robert Kinson, ’93 Father
Abigail Glenn Koger Robert Koger, ’63 Grandfather
Thomas Ernest Lariviere MAJ GEN James Lariviere, USMC (Ret.), ’79 Father
Matthew Burns McClain William James McClain, ’87 Father
COL Terrence McClain USA (Ret.) ’56 Grandfather
Matt Allan Munday Warren Munday, ’71 Father
Michael Henry Murphy IV COL Michael H. Murphy, III, USARNG, ’93 Father
William Marshall Pickens Kenneth Marshall Pickens, ’82 Father
Milton Sadler Poe Alvis Bynum Poe, III, ’81 Father
James Richard Pugh Jr. Dr. James Richard Pugh, Sr., ’85 Father
James Henry Pugh, ’61 Grandfather
William Gareth Rasberry John L. Rasberry, ’57 Grandfather
Nathaniel Thomas Scoggins Thomas R. Anderson, PE, ’63 Grandfather
Thomas Hugh Simrill IV Thomas Hugh Simrill, III, ’81 Father
Zachary Pierce Sisson Lovick Pierce Suddath III, ’57 Grandfather
Briggs Anderson Smith Dr. Kenneth Ashley Smith, ’88 Father
James Bonner Snyder Colonel Douglas A. Snyder, SCM, ’82 Cousin
Harry David Stone III Jim Marion Cherry, Jr., ’61 Grandfather
Shona Grace Sulzbach Edward Sulzbach, ’86 Father
Kevin Christopher Swain Dr. Christopher Curtis Swain, M.D., ’81 Father
Griffin Scott Swope CDR Scott Swope, USN (Ret.), ’91 Father
Tidal Lawton Timmerman Harold Timmerman, Jr., ’88 Father
Griffin James Uschelbec James M. Uschelbec, ’87 Father
James MacArthur Watkins III James MacArthur Watkins, Jr., ’89 Father
William Burke Watson IV William Burke Watson, III., ’74 Father
William Walker Wright III William Walker Wright Jr, ’79 Father
Robert Scarborough Young Chief Deputy Attorney General W. Jeffrey Young, ’77 Father

The Citadel Graduate College Class of 2019 has 18 legacy students who invited special presenters. Their names are as follows:

Graduate Name Alumnus Name Relationship
Courtney Elizabeth Ambrose Harrison S. Ambrose, ’17 Brother
John Wriston Barnes John Milling Barnes Jr., ’81 Father
Henry Walker Bruce Charles Michael Bruce, ’74 Father
Scott Carlyle Caffey Robert A. Caffey, ’79 Father
Thomas Anderson Charles 1LT Collin Michael Charles, USA, ’17 Son
Rebecca Leigh Cook Richard L. Cook, Jr., ’84 Father
Meagan Collins Downing Christopher Taylor Collins, Jr., ’86 Father
Robin Caddelle Easterlin Megan Easterlin Smith, CGC ’18 Daughter
Dean Ronald Easterlin, ’79, CGC ’80, ’12 Husband
Jonathan Ross French CDR Timothy Francis French, USN (Ret.), ’82 Father
Aimee Stoll Fulmer Ronald C. Fulmer, Sr., ’67 Father
Lauren Deas Gilbert Cameron Anderson Gilbert, ’15 Husband
Victoria Lee Hinson Robert Brian Hinson, ’82 Father
Elizabeth Hooks Dr. Gregory Stuart Hooks, ’85 Father
Victoria Nicole Lockridge James Lockridge, ’71 Father
Lindsey Marie McDaniel James H. McDaniel, Sr., CGC ’76 Father
Thomas Schaefer LT COL Steven Allen Schaefer, USAF (Ret.), ’84 Father
Ryan Holmes Small Allie Holmes Tronoski, CGC ’05 Sister
Amber Noel Wittman Maj. Duane Lee Wittman, USA (Ret.), ’75 Father
Sgt. Aaron Wittman, USA (posthumous), ’07 Brother

The Citadel’s Evening Undergraduate Studies program Class of 2019 has 3 legacy students who invited special presenters. Their names are as follows:

Graduate Name Alumnus Name Relationship
Talmadge Richard Tillman Christa Kelley Simpson, CGC ’11 Wife
Ryan Westberry  John T. Torlay, ’56 Grandfather
Nicole Westberry