The Citadel recruits an acting coach and a retired drill sergeant for Biloxi Blues

The Citadel Photo

Photo: Actors practice to perform Biloxi Blues, the story of a young man from Brooklyn going to boot camp in Mississippi (Courtesy: Rūta Smith, Charleston City Paper)

Read the full article in the Charleston City Paper, by Vincent Harris

If playwright Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical play Brighton Beach Memoirs is his Star Wars, think of 1984’s Biloxi Blues as his Empire Strikes Back. The play, set in 1945, tells the story of young Brooklynite Eugene Jerome and his thorny relationship with his tougher-than-leather drill sergeant Merwin J. Toomey at boot camp in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The military is the main subject of Biloxi Blues, so it’s appropriate that The Citadel’s fine arts program and the South of Broadway Theater Company produced the play, directed by Citadel alum and acting coach Bob Luke.

Excerpt from the Charleston City Paper, by Vincent Harris