The Citadel in Cyprus – being thankful for new cultural experiences

Citadel Cadet JoAnna Windborn visiting the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque in Larnaca, Cyprus
Citadel Cadet JoAnna Windborn visiting the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque in Larnaca, Cyprus

Cadet global scholars are engrossed in learning about the Cypriot culture that surrounds them, including the architecture, economics, history, language, religion and food.

Cadet Taurus Brown took part in a cooking lesson and demonstration as part of one of his courses this semester in Cyprus and sent these observations:

During the cooking demonstration, I learned that being a cook is no easy job. This conclusion may seem obvious, but one never truly understands this until you have three vegans give you three different limitations and send every plate prepared to their liking back to you for changes.

However, I can say there was one dish that was never sent back and that is the Tzatziki (yogurt dip). This dip became my favorite as soon as I realized how good it tastes with pita bread which is the most common pastry of Cyprus. I love it and eat it here every day.

The Citadel Global Scholars travel to far away places for a semester at a time. These full-immersion programs provide time to explore and learn in those countries while only paying a little more than the regular semester’s tuition.

One of the most popular programs is the one that takes cadets like Brown, Cameron Ewer and JoAnne Winborn to Cyprus. Some of the things they’ve gotten to experience include the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, the third holiest pilgrimage site in Islam. They’ve also explored ancient churches including the Church of Saint Lazarus.

Citadel cadets at the Lazarus Church in Larnaca, Cyprus
Citadel cadets at the Lazarus Church in Larnaca, Cyprus

They also scored some beach time at Famagusta Beach in the Turkish occupied zone of Cyprus.

Citadel cadets at Famagusta Beach
Citadel cadets at Famagusta Beach

The Global Scholars Program in Cyprus offers cadets enrolled in nearly every academic major at The Citadel the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, taking courses relevant to their majors, while paying only $500 more than the regular semester of study on campus at The Citadel.

The program is the product of a campus-wide effort among academic schools and administrative departments. Cadets travel to the Mediterranean island-nation for a rigorous semester of academic courses, cultural excursions, and unforgettable immersion in a foreign country.

The Global Scholars tuition and fees cover:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Up to 18 credit-hours of courses
  • Lodging
  • Meal plan
  • Textbooks
  • Excursions

For more information on The Citadel Study Abroad programs and scholarship opportunities, please visit this web page or email

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