Introducing The Citadel360: Feel like you’re on campus, even when you can’t be

The Citadel Photo

Normally each spring, The Citadel campus is bustling with high school students enjoying cadet-led tours, information sessions with their parents or staying overnight in the barracks for a Pre-Knob cadet experience. Similarly, prospective evening undergraduate and graduate students are touring campus with The Citadel Graduate College team and meeting faculty in their chosen areas of study.

COVID-19 put an end to those experiences in the spring of 2020, but it won’t stop prospective cadets and students from getting a feel for the iconic Citadel campus.

That’s where The Citadel360 virtual campus tour can help.

Newly developed to provide a interactive experience for prospective students and their families unable to visit in person, The Citadel360 photos put the viewer at the center of a panoramic image the viewer controls and moves around with the click of a mouse.

A cadet’s room, the checkerboard Padgett-Thomas Barracks quad, the Bastin Finance Leadership Lab, the Earl Tennis Center, the historic Summerall Chapel and unforgettable spots likes like the giant Citadel ring statue and the stately Daniel Library can all be virtually visited.

“The Citadel360 provides an exciting new virtual experience for anyone wanting to see the beauty of our campus, and more importantly the spaces they would be using as a cadet or student,” said Kelly Brennan, Ph.D., associate provost of enrollment management for The Citadel. “We wish we could host everyone interested in attending in person, but this is a helpful alternative when traveling to campus is not possible.”

The Citadel360 is a work in progress with new elements being added regularly. To the right of the screen for each photo, virtual visitors can click on an arrow that provides a map showing where each element is located on campus.

Schedule a personal virtual information session

The college has other options as well to replace the tours that would have taken place in the spring.

“In place of physical tours, we are encouraging prospective cadets and students to schedule an individual video conference with one of our admissions specialists standing by to help,” said Brennan.

An online form to schedule a personal admissions video conference is available on the Office of Amissions website:

Update for accepted applicants

What about cadet recruits and students who have already applied and been admitted?

“Those students are being communicated with directly by the admissions team and are being provided information about next steps as it becomes available,” Brennan said. “Those who have already committed to attending in the fall and provided their deposits will be kept fully apprised of important dates and procedures through email and U.S. Postal Service mail.”

The Citadel gives consideration to all applicants who meet the requirements for admission, seeking to enroll well-rounded, mature students whose motivation and educational achievements indicate that they are prepared to do college level work.

A few of The Citadel’s points of pride: