Citadel freshman cadets in jeopardy: The 2019 Citadel Math Jeopardy Contest

Cadets participating in 2019 Math Jeopardy

Clue: An annual event where cadets competed for vouchers to the school’s canteen and Chick-Fil-A.

Answer: What is The Math Jeopardy Contest for Freshmen?

After two rounds of math questions, lasting just over two hours, team “Crystal Math” went home with the first place prize. This year, three teams made up of 11 cadets competed in the event. “Floating Point Integers” came in second place and “Fracturing Fractals” placed third.

Team "Crystal Math" accepting first place awards at 2019 Math Jeopardy
Team “Crystal Math” accepting first place awards at 2019 Math Jeopardy

In the first round, “Crystal Math” pulled ahead, answering question after question. In the second round, the other two teams started to catch back up, but the big prize still went to “Crystal Math” in the end.

Team "Fracturing Fractals" at 2019 Math Jeopardy
Team “Fracturing Fractals” at 2019 Math Jeopardy

“This year’s participants were very enthusiastic about their responses, often continuing to talk about the question after it had been answered. There were also times when there would be absolute silence as the students worked to figure out the problem before the two minute timer ran out. We had one response that lost points for a wrong answer as they forgot to phrase it as a question, but that only happened once,” said Cadet Elizabeth Spoehel, one of this year’s organizers.

Team "Floating Point Integers" at 2019 Math Jeopardy
Team “Floating Point Integers” at 2019 Math Jeopardy

The topics covered in the competition included: Lazy Day Limits, Allegedly Difficult Antiderivatives, Intriguing Intervals, and Continuity Curiosities.

The Math Jeopardy Contest for Freshmen is hosted by The Department of Mathematical Sciences. Those who compete are studying a variety of majors, ranging from Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and more.

The cadets who participated this year are:

Crystal Math Fracturing Fractals Floating Point Integers
Grayson Gasque William Childress Mathew Daugomah
Will Jensen William Hobbs Alexander Delorme
Dylan Roland Jared Johnson Noah Wells
Eric Skinner Jake Norris