Capers Hall Replacement Project made possible by help from hundreds of Citadel alumni and supporters

Construction being done on the Capers Hall Replacement Project building.

As it nears completion this summer, the Capers Hall Replacement Project will result in a building equipped with cutting-edge technology and educational opportunities for thousands of Citadel cadets and students.

While most of the project’s funding has been provided by the State of South Carolina, more than $6 million dollars in private gifts from Citadel alumni and supporters will enhance the new home for The Citadel’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

For decades to come, the new building will see countless Citadel cadets and students come through its doors during their academic career and, as they take advantage of the new options and opportunities available to them, they’ll be reminded of the many generous donors who helped make the building possible.

Hundreds of supporters have already contributed to the construction, resulting in dozens of spaces, classrooms and offices named in honor of just some of those who have generously given their time, treasure and talent to The Citadel.

There are still opportunities available to support the project through The Citadel Foundation. For more information on potential giving opportunities, click here.

Below are different elements of the new building that have been named through private gifts:

Performing Arts Auditorium

Through the Class of 1969’s generous donation, the 250-seat auditorium will be named in the class’s honor.

Training Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)

A sensitive compartmented information facility, or SCIF, is a secured place where sensitive information can be viewed and discussed without the risk of spying. This training SCIF was donated by the Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation.

Hagood Avenue entrance

The entrance to the new building for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences was made possible through the Class of 1972’s donation.

Courtyard and fountain

One of the most eye-catching areas of the new building will be the courtyard and fountain. This area was donated by, and named for, the Class of 1979.

Art gallery

The art gallery will feature rotating exhibits throughout the year. While this space was gifted by an anonymous donor, the art gallery will be named in honor of Winfred “Bo” Moore, Ph.D., former dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

American atrium

This three-story atrium was donated by the Class of 1995. 

Art studio

The art studio will provide a larger space for use by Fine Arts minors at The Citadel. Gifted by an anonymous donor, the space will be named in honor of Tiffany Silverman, a senior instructor and the director of Fine Arts at The Citadel.

Cyber lab

The Class of 1981 made a generous donation to make the new Cyber, Intelligence and Securities lab a reality.

Cyber range

The cyber range is the second space that will be used by the Center for Cyber, Intelligence and Security Studies at The Citadel. This space was donated by Harry and Reba Huge.

Cyber, Intelligence and Security Studies Suite

The Class of 1996 donated to name the Cyber, Intelligence and Security Studies Suite.

English Department Suite

The English Department will have a new space, thanks to the donations from former students of Tony Redd, Ph.D. Redd joined the English department at The Citadel in 1966, where he taught for forty years until his retirement in 2006. While at The Citadel, Redd served for a time as Head of the English Department and won numerous awards for his outstanding teaching. After his passing in 2022, his former students will continue to honor his legacy at The Citadel through the new Dr. Tony N. Redd English Department Suite.

Center for Inclusive Excellence and Center for International and Special Programs

This space will house these two important programs at The Citadel. Donated by The Citadel African American Alumni Association, the space in the new building will be named in honor of Charles Foster, ’70, the first African American cadet to graduate from The Citadel.

In addition to the above spaces, the new building for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences will hold more than 90 offices and dozens of classrooms.

The Citadel thanks all donors who gave in support of the new classrooms, including:

  • Beth and David Aughtry, ’75
  • Charles E. Cole, ’67
  • Dwight J. Davis, ’75, and W. Randall Bassett, ’89
  • Donald J. Doody, ’73
  • Thomas E. Dove, ’75, and Nelson Dove, ’06
  • Mary and Leo Fox, ’84
  • David W. Johnston II, ’07, and Dustin M. Johnston, ’11
  • Jan and Bo Moore  
  • Linda and Ronald Plunkett, ’64, CGC ’97
  • Amy and Jon Pope, ’92
  • Helen and Ron Rayevich, ’64 
  • Frank B. Robards III, ’81
  • David B. Summer Jr., ’81 and David B. Summer, III, ’08
  • Col. Peter B. Trainer, USAF (Ret.), ’82
  • Noel and Don Whitfield, ’99, and Kathleen and KC Howard, ’99
  • The Citadel Class of 2008

The Citadel thanks all donors who gave in support of the new offices, conference rooms, collaboration spaces and the student lounge, including:

  • Vollie C. “Vic” Bailey III, ’76
  • Connie L. Book, Ph.D., former provost of The Citadel
  • Lizzie and Chris Clark, ’85
  • James A. Gabrish, ’85
  • The Guglielmino Family
  • Mary and Leo Fox, ’84
  • E. Lowry Manson Jr., Ph.D., ’70
  • Brooke and Brandon Peak, ’01
  • Linda and Ronald C. Plunkett, ’64, CGC ’97
  • Gordon B. Sherard Jr., ’61
  • Robert W. Squires Jr., ’86
  • The Citadel Class of 2010
  • The Citadel Class of 2011
  • The School of Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Board