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Individuals who are interested in pursuing an intelligence analysis career need to find a degree program that will offer them the skills they need to perform at the highest possible level. National security depends on how well the intelligence analysts do their job. With that being said, intelligence analysis career opportunities are available to those who meet or exceed the expectations that have been set for them. Being able to work in this highly stressful environment requires dedication to detail and a firm resolve to protect our country from any type of threat.

A career in intelligence analysis can lead to opportunities with employment opportunities with private security agencies as well. These private security agencies formulate risk analysis strategies that are beneficial to American companies who have vested financial interests in overseas markets.

Ranking the Best Intelligence Analysis Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Students who are considering a career in intelligence analysis want to know their degree will pay off. That’s why Security Degree Hub editors focuses their rankings on accredited, reputable colleges and universities. All programs are ranked according to their cost, potential salary, and student satisfaction, using current information from IPEDS and Niche.

1. Texas A&M University

The Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University offers a practitioner-based learning methodology with its bachelor’s degree in Intelligence as an Instrument of Statecraft. Texas A&M University’s best degrees for intelligence analysis include classes in the art of counterintelligence, national security law, terrorism in today’s world, human intelligence, and advanced analytical tradecraft, to name a few. More than 275 students have graduated from Texas A&M’s intelligence studies degree programs.

Texas A&M University (A&M) was established in 1876 as a land grant school. Texas A&M University is also a sea-grant and space-grant university with a student enrollment that nears 70,000 students – the largest student body in the nation. Texas A&M University holds the distinction of being the only institution of higher education in Texas that has three grant designations – Sea, Space, and Land.

Program: Intelligence Studies

2. James Madison University

James Madison University offers a BS in Intelligence Analysis (IA) that is considered among Virginia’s best degrees for intelligence analysis. James Madison University’s undergraduate degree in intelligence analysis requires the completion of 120 semester units by degree candidates to graduate. The IA curriculum includes 48 semester hours of foundational and core classes that offer the exploration of interdisciplinary topics in the fields of philosophy, business, technology, political science, and technology, among others. Students graduate from James Madison University’s s intelligence analysis degrees to find rewarding careers as security analysis, political analysts, economic analysts, and diplomatic analysts, among others.

James Madison University (Madison) was established as an all-women’s teacher’s school in 1908 and named to honor to honor the fourth United States president. The school’s campus in the Shenandoah Valley is home to approximately 22,550 students. James Madison University became a coeducational school in the mid 1960s.

Program: BS in Intelligence Analysis

3. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers a BS in Intelligence and Security Studies that requires students to complete a total of 127 semester units to graduate, of which the major in intelligence requires 36 major classes plus 54 credits of electives. Bellevue University’s best degrees for intelligence analysis includes classes in ethical controversies in security & intelligence, introduction to geostrategy, essentials in strategic thought, and radical religion and political extremism, to name a few. Students can opt for a sub=specialization in comparative politics and international relations.

Bellevue University (BU) was founded in 1966 but withdrew rapid growth to become the state’s fourth-largest school in about a decade. Currently, Bellevue University’s suburban campus (and online platform) is home to about 10,250 students. Bellevue University also operates a professional center in nearby Omaha.

Program: BS in Intelligence and Security Studies

4. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers one of Arizona’s best degrees for intelligence analysis with its Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Intelligence & Information Operations. Arizona State University’s baccalaureate degree in intelligence analysis Degree candidates can choose from three academic emphases – information warfare, law enforcement intelligence, and operational intelligence. Classes for ASU’s undergraduate degree in intelligence include counterintelligence, cyberwar and terror, advanced analytics for security operations, and cyber investigations & forensics, among others. Arizona State University is a designated Defense Intelligence Agency center of Excellence (IC-CAE).

Arizona State University was established in 1885 as a research institution of higher education. The multiple campuses operated by Arizona State University are home to 89,750 students. Arizona State University offers more than 700-degree options for undergraduate and graduate students through the university’s seventeen schools.

Program: Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Intelligence & Information Operations

5. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers one of the best degrees for intelligence analysis with its BS in Global Security & Intelligence Studies (GSIS). Students enrolled in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s baccalaureate degree in intelligence offers three academic tracks from which to select – the security operations management track, the integrated security & intelligence track, and the Chinese Track where student spend a summer in China during their sophomore and junior years. This undergraduate intelligence degree program requires students to complete 122 semester credits to graduate.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a multi-campus institution of higher education that specializes in aerospace and aviation studies. Founded in 1926, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s campuses in Arizona and Florida serve approximately 33,550 students. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University holds the distinction of being the largest accredited school that specializes in aerospace and aviation education.

Program: BS in Global Security & Intelligence Studies

6. George Washington University

George Washington University offers one of the best degrees for intelligence analysis with its Homeland Security Bachelor’s completion program. George Washington University’s baccalaureate degree in intelligence analysis offers unique learning experiences using cutting-edge technology and training methods. Students explore the logical flow between the receipt of threats, the analysis, and the formulation of an appropriate response. Students graduate from GWU’s degree program with the skills and abilities required to successfully negotiate a career in intelligence working domestically or abroad. More than 60 percent of undergraduate students complete internships while studying at George Washington University.

George Washington University was established as Columbian College in 1821 by a congressional act. More than 27,050 students (from all fifty states and more than 125 countries) attend classes vying for degrees provided by the university’s ten colleges/schools. George Washington University has been recognized among the top schools for internship opportunities.

Program: Homeland Security Bachelor’s Completion

7. The Citadel

The Citadel offers a BA in Intelligence and Security Studies (ISS) that is among the best degrees for intelligence analysis. Students who have already complete at least 24 semester credits may apply for this completion degree program, which can be completed entirely online. Students explore the many aspects of global and national threats present to US security forces while employing tactical and strategic analysis.

The Citadel (full name The Military College of South Carolina)l was established as a senior military college in 1842 by the state’s legislative body. Citadel’s campus in Charleston is home to approximately 3,550 students. The Citadel is ranked among the best colleges for veterans. The student body at the Citadel is recognized as one of the biggest uniformed bodies in the nation.

Program: BA in Intelligence and Security Studies

8. American Military University

American Military University offers one of the best degrees for intelligence analysis that can be completed entirely online. American Military University’s BA in Intelligence Studies requires degree candidates to complete 120 semester credits, of which American Military University accepts up to 90 eligible transfer credits. AMU offers students a variety of concentrations in this undergraduate degree program in Asian Studies, Terrorism Studies, Counter and criminal Intelligence, Middle East Studies, Cyber studies, Latin America, General, Geospatial Intelligence, and Intelligence analysis, Collection and Operations. Students complete the degree with a senior seminar in intelligence studies. Students can enroll in this degree program throughout the year with available dates each month.

American Military University is a for-profit distance learning school that is owned by American Public Education Inc. The university serves approximately 46,350 students. American Military University offers online degree programs but maintains administrative offices in Charles Town, WV.

Program: BA in Intelligence Studies

9. Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University offers a BS in Security & Strategic Intelligence that is considered among the Midwest’s best degrees for intelligence analysis. Saint Louis University’s undergraduate degree in intelligence analysis offers students three academic emphases – global Corporate Security, Business Continuity, and Strategic Intelligence. Saint Louis University offers reduced tuition rates for veterans and active-duty military members. Classes for this degree from Saint Louis University include cybersecurity principles, workplace ethics, database analysis, analytics in security and intelligence, cyber threats & defense, threat, and risk assessment, and fundamentals of computer forensics.

Saint Louis University was established as a private academy in 1818. The school maintains two campuses, one in Saint Louis and another in Madrid. Saint Louis University is recognized as the oldest higher learning institution that is situated to the west of the Mississippi River.

Program: BS in Security & Strategic Intelligence

10. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University offers two of the best degrees for intelligence analysis in Texas, offering both a BA or a BS in Security Studies. The primary difference between the two intelligence analysis degrees is the BA’s requirement to complete additional credit hours in a foreign language of their choice. Classes for this major in security studies include border security, introduction to cybersecurity, global terrorism, transportation security, homeland security, public health in homeland security, and water security, to name a few. This undergraduate degree from Sam Houston State University can be completed as a hybrid program or on-campus.

Sam Houston State University (Sam Houston) was established to train teachers in 1879. The college-town campus in Huntsville is home to approximate 21,150 students. Sam Houston State University is considered the third oldest of all public universities and colleges in Texas.

Program: BA or a BS in Security Studies

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