Meet the South Carolina Corps of Cadets leadership for 2023-24

Commandant of Cadets announces new leadership for upcoming academic year

As the Class of 2023 prepares to join The Citadel’s Long Gray Line, the newest cadet leadership for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets is preparing to take over. To earn their positions for next year, these cadet leaders went through a series of rank board engagements, performance reviews and interviews.

The Citadel continues the tradition of developing principled leaders through a 24/7 military structure on campus, positioning cadets to run the Corps by earning increasing rank throughout their time at The Citadel. Rank holders acquire real leadership experience in these roles, by making decisions that contribute to the academic, physical fitness, military training and overall success of the Corps.

The new cadet leadership was announced by The Citadel Commandant of Cadets Col. Thomas Gordon, USMC (Ret.), ’91, during a gathering in Jenkins Hall on March 8 .

“As the Corps leads the Corps, with that responsibility and that authority will come accountability,” said The Citadel Commandant of Cadets Col. Thomas Gordon, USMC (Ret.), ’91, when announcing next year’s leadership. “I promise never to tell you what to do. I expect the Corps to lead the Corps.”

The Top 11 for the Class of 2024

The top-ranking cadets for the Class of 2024 will include:

Regimental Commander – Sullivan Newsome
Major: Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Prosperity, South Carolina

Deputy Regimental Commander – Caleb McHargue
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Fort Mill, South Carolina

Regimental Executive Officer (XO) – Po-Shuo Hung
Major: Business Management
Hometown: Kaohsuing, Taiwan

Regimental Academic Officer – William Bush
Major – Finance
Hometown – Hinsdale, Ilinois

Honor Board Chair – Stephen Woytek
Major – Political Science
Hometown – Richfield, Ohio

1st Battalion Commander – Kenyaz Boston
Major – Criminal Justice
Hometown – Ballentine, South Carolina

2nd Battalion Commander – Tavin Heisig
Major – Intelligence and Security Studies
Hometown – Pleasanton, California

3rd Battalion Commander – Vincent Massaro
Major – Physics
Hometown – Weddington, North Carolina

4th Battalion Commander – Jamison Rogers
Major – Accounting
Hometown – Florence, South Carolina

5th Battalion Commander – Grace Cooper
Major – Criminal Justice
Hometown – San Diego, California

Regimental Cadet Sergeant Major – Madison Henning
Major – Political Science
Hometown – Greer, South Carolina

The regimental staff will lead approximately 80 cadet officers in the command of the Corps’ five battalions and 21 companies during the next academic year, with positions ranging from battalion sergeant majors to company first sergeants.

1st Battalion

1st Battalion Commander – Kenyaz Boston (see above)
A Company Commander – Chadd Smart. Intelligence and Security Studies. Westbury, New York.
B Company Commander – Tyler Carricato. Computer Science. Irmo, South Carolina.
C Company Commander – Jenna Power. Intelligence and Security Studies. Sumter, South Carolina.
D Company Commander – Leo Eckhardt. Education; Intelligence and Security Studies. Bethune, South Carolina.

2nd Battalion

2nd Battalion Commander – Tavin Heisig (see above)
E Company Commander – Walker Rhue. Sport Management. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
F Company Commander – Ryoce Bolanos. Intelligence and Security Studies. Coral Springs, Florida.
G Company Commander – Alexander Loser. Mechanical Engineering. Fort Mill, South Carolina.
H Company Commander – Paul Anderson. Political Science. Centreville, Virginia.
Band Company Commander – Shannon Curtis. Nursing. Carmel, New York.

3rd Battalion

3rd Battalion Commander – Vincent Massaro (see above)
I Company Commander – Sarah Norton. Physics. Allen, Texas.
K Company Commander – Joseph Stilwell. Engineering. Greenville, South Carolina.
L Company Commander – Zachary Sowards. Mechanical Engineering. Summerville, South Carolina.
M Company Commander – Allan Jacobs. Political Science. Summerville, South Carolina.

4th Battalion

4th Battalion Commander – Jamison Rogers (see above)
N Company Commander – Colton Horvath. Biology. Clemmons, North Carolina.
O Company Commander – William Templeton. Exercise Science. Savannah, Georgia.
R Company Commander – Amy Lorentzos-Lobo. Education. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
T Company Commander – William Varn. Mechanical Engineering. Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

5th Battalion

5th Battalion Commander – Grace Cooper (see above)
P Company Commander – Gianna Rabassi. Intelligence and Security Studies. Jacksonville, North Carolina.
S Company Commander – Joseph McLamb. Psychology. Columbia, South Carolina.
V Company Commander – Noah Plunkett. History. Slidell, Louisiana.
Palmetto Battery Commander – Jacob Simmons. Business Administration. Holly Hill, South Carolina.

Cadets selected for additional positions within Regimental Staff, listed below, will be added at a future date.

Regimental Adjutant –
Regimental Provost Marshall/Safety –
Regimental Operations Officer –
Regimental Supply Officer –
Regimental Public Affairs Officer –
Honor Vice Chairman for Education –
Honor Vice Chairman for Defense –
Honor Vice Chair for Investigations –
Honor Vice Chair for Operations –
Regimental Religious Officer –
Regt Human Affairs Officer –
Regimental Athletic Officer –
Regimental Activities Officer –
Regimental Recruiting Officer –
Regimental Head Drill Master Officer –
Senior Mascot Handler –
Senior Mascot Handler –
Regimental Sergeant Major –
Regimental Academic NCO –
Regimental Admin NCO –
Regimental Operations NCO –
Regimental Supply NCO –
Regimental Provost NCO –
Regimental Human Affairs NCO –
Regimental Public Affairs NCO –
Regimental Recruiting NCO –
Regimental Athletic NCO –
Regimental Activities NCO –
Regimental Religious NCO –
Junior Mascot Handler –
Junior Mascot Handler –
Regimental Operations Clerk –
Regimental Operations Clerk –
Regimental Admin Clerk –
Regimental Admin Clerk –
Regimental Supply Clerk –
Regimental Supply Clerk –
Sophomore Mascot Handler –
Sophomore Mascot Handler –