Introducing The Citadel Class of 2021 Summerall Guards

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During normal times, the changing of the guard ceremony would have taken place on this day as part of the annual Corps Day/Recognition Day weekend ceremonies. The Class of 2020 Summerall Guards would have performed their last precision drills as a unit and then passed their rifles to the new platoon.

Because on this day, the Class of 2021 Summerall Guards would have performed for the first time, but cannot due to the campus closure related to COVID-19, the college wanted to recognize them by announcing their names.

Known around the United States as one of the elite military drill troupes, membership is a high honor at the military college of South Carolina. Created in 1932, The Summerall Guards have represented The Citadel at events around the nation, including performing in five presidential inaugural parades.

The platoon is named for Gen. Charles P. Summerall, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and Citadel president from 1931 until 1953. It’s purpose is to exemplify the exactness and thoroughness of a Citadel cadet’s training through a unique series of movements based on old, close order Prussian drills. The maneuvers have never been written down, are passed from class to class, and are performed to a silent count.

The selection process includes weeks of Bond Volunteer Aspirant (BVA) training. More than 100 junior cadets who pass an initial physical fitness test take part in the six week long BVA training and tryout sessions. They must perform military pushups, sit-ups and rifle-bearing physical training, exhibiting exceptional physical condition and stamina.

The 61 seniors will be commanded by Cadet Joshua Gorczynski.

The Class of 2021 Summerall Guards:

Carson Adams
 Austin Ajami
 Jack Beehler
 Coleman Bennett
 Cade Bennett
 Kiel Bilton
 Brian Bolchoz
 Benjamin Boyette
 Aaron Causey
 Michael Curtis
 Huston Curtis
 Andrew Desjardins
 Jared Douglas
 Chad Duncan
 Owen Dunne
 William Edwards
 Joseph Field
 Etienne Fonteneau
 Haven Garrett
 Jeremy Gentle
 Michael Goodwin
 Joshua Gorczynski
 William Grant
 McKinley Grooms
 Jacob Harding
 Hamilton Hardman
 Bryce Harrington
 Buddy Herring
 Alexander Hocutt
 Derian Insani
 Karl Johnson
 Nikolaus Johnson
 Wesley Kelley
 James Kober
 Patrick Kress
 Cameron Liles
 Cole Mangum
 Trevor Moreno
 Joseph Murphy
 Nick Piacentini
 Matt Player
 Sam Poulin
 Sean Reen
 William Rhodes
 Thomas Rogers
 George Saulnier
 James Shields
 Douglas Smith
 Myles Starnes
 Ian Stephan
 Gabriel Stokes
 Colby Thomas
 John Vallos
 Colton Webster
 Jonathan Westmoreland
 Maxwell Whalen
 Thomas Wiand
 Caleb Williams
 Joseph Winkler
 Greyson Young
 Samuel Zuschlag