Celebrating some of the employees who help make The Citadel so mighty

Stanton Adams stands with General Glenn M. Walters, president of The Citadel

Photo: Stanton Adams, 2019 Employee of the Year, recognized during awards parade

Each year The Citadel rewards one employee and one team for their superior performance and contributions

The Citadel is proud to recognize Multimedia Services as the Team of the Year and Stanton Adams as the Employee of the Year for 2019.

The Team and Employee of the year were honored with a special reception and recognized at the Awards Parade on April 12.

Here’s a look at what sets these employees apart:

Stanton Adams, 2019 Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year during Awards Reception
Employee of the Year during Awards Reception

Stanton Adams is a marketing specialist who supports nearly every department on campus to advance The Citadel’s brand reaching all college stakeholders from prospective cadets and students, to parents and presidential communications.

The nomination letter, written by Kara Klein, Director of Marketing, reads in part:

Stanton measures everything he works on against case studies from colleges nationally recognized for excellence in that area.  If he doesn’t know something, he learns it.  Stanton simultaneously works on many projects and manages to keep his focus and do an exceptional job.  He is always willing to step up to the plate for campus initiatives outside the scope of his job duties. He currently serves on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and Employee Enrichment Committee.

Stanton took initiative to lead and design a new brand identity and logo system for the college.  This was a huge undertaking, benefiting the college in many ways. The system makes it easier for the college as a whole to adapt the logo for different placements, enables all departments and groups on campus to have a unique identity while still adhering to a consistent brand presence, and is easier and more cost effective to reproduce.  The system features a new, user-friendly website which enables all campus partners to quickly obtain custom files (logos, letterhead, business cards and more) and send them directly to print. 

Multimedia Services, 2019 Team of the Year

  • Conyers Bull
  • John Whitten
  • Mary Chapman
  • Lawrence Galasso
  • Jeff Leonard
Team of the Year during Awards Reception
Team of the Year during Awards Reception

Multimedia Services is a division of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department of The Citadel devoted to promoting the use of instructional technology in education.

The nomination letter written by Kyle Herron, the Chief Information Officer for The Citadel, reads in part:

The Citadel undertook an initiative to refresh the aging technology in it’s classrooms. Additionally, the technology was standardized so that faculty could walk into any classroom and have it operate in a similar manner to any other classrooms. Our students benefit significantly through better audio/visual aids and to see that The Citadel is investing in current technology.

Due to the tight scheduling of The Citadel’s classrooms, much of this work is performed after hours and during holidays. This work is also performed in addition to the staff’s day to day tasks of supporting faculty and student graphical design needs, sound support for the numerous special events on campus, video conferencing support, equipment rentals and all of the last minute “help me!” calls received when someone has waited till the last minute to complete a project. The entire team is dedicated to supporting the needs of everyone at The Citadel, even when it means working strange hours to make sure The Citadel’s daily function go as planned.