President’s List cadets for spring 2017 announced

Cadet Parade

The President’s List is one of the most distinguished cadet awards presented by The Citadel. It indicates excellence in academics and military duties. The list is a combination of the Dean’s List and the Commandant’s Distinguished List and is composed of cadets who contribute the most to their companies while maintaining excellent military and academic records. The following cadets have been recognized for their outstanding work during the spring 2017 semester:

Bakley, Jake P.
Barnes, Cedric T.
Baucom, Taylor K.
Behnke, Timothy J.
Bishop, William T.
Blanton, Samuel C.
Bowles, Robert H.
Brown, Cameron L.
Brown, Trevor K.
Bruce, Carla C.
Byelick, Thomas M.
Caughman, William J.
Cooper, Grayson S.
Crawford, Jacob T.
Davis, Lee H.
Dawes, Preston M.
Douglass, Brandon J.
Foster, Hunter M.
Garrell, Raymon B.
Goethe, Stone Q.
Gray, Connor W.
Green, Jeremy C.
Jenkins, Grace C.
Jordan, Madison J.
Keel, Richard D.
Ketphan, Phromnachanok
Lum, Tai S.
Major, Evan C.
Malott, Joshua D.
Mathis, William R.
McCormick, Kyle T.
Melendez, Elijah J.
Miller, Grant N.
Miller, Maxwell H.
Moll, David J.
Murn, Abigail L.
Pappagallo, Joseph R.
Philipkosky, Megan M.
Phucharoen, Thitiphop
Ranchero, Brandon
Richardson, Bailey E.
Sawyer, Cameron L.
Shane, Nathan R.
Smith, Thomas B.
Snyder, Richard B.
Troy, Nicholas R.
Updyke Mundy, James P.
Wiegand, Robert C.