Class of 2018 legacy cadets: A family tradition

Corps of Cadets Graduation

Many Citadel families have a legacy of attendance at the Military College of South Carolina. Mothers, fathers, stepmothers, stepfathers, grandmothers or grandfathers who are Citadel graduates from the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, Citadel Graduate College or Veterans Program may present diplomas to cadets or graduate students who are their sons, daughters, grandsons, or granddaughters at the graduation ceremony of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets or Citadel Graduate College.

The South Carolina Corps of Cadets Class of 2018 has 56 legacy students who invited special presenters. Their names are as follows:

Matthew Joshua Agostosa-Viado Lt. Col. Hildehardo Fulqueras Viado, Jr., USA, ’96 Father
Andrew Charles Aiken Charles Moffatt Aiken, Jr., ’87 Father
Charles Moffatt Aiken, Sr., ’56 Grandfather
Virginia Gracen Barnes John Milling Barnes, Jr., ’81 Father
Joseph Fischer Bedenbaugh Timothy Lee Bedenbaugh, ’81 Father
Charles William Braddock Col. Kenneth Cecil Braddock, Sr., USA, Retired, ’83 Father
James DuRant Carraway Carl DuRant Carraway, Jr., ’83 Father
William Lee, Jr. Chapman William Lee Chapman, ’86 Father
John Michael Christy Michael David Christy, ’91 Father
John Stafford Clark John Christopher Clark, ’85 Father
John Howard Clark, ’59 Grandfather
Joseph Kelley Cook Christopher Brian Cook, ’87 Father
James Hunter Cunningham Capt. William Marshall Hunter, USA, Retired, ’62 Grandfather
Andrew Patrick Darrow Lt. Col.Christopher Jeffery Darrow, USAF ANG, Retired, ’86 Father
Nathan Patrick Dixon Lt. Col.Patrick Kevin Dixon, USA, Retired, ’86 Father
Jordan Daniel Eberle David Clark Nielsen, ’84 Father
Joshua Theodore Fiddie Jamie Fiddie, ’82 Father
Richard Rohan III Foster Richard Rohan Foster, Jr., ’80 Father
James Cameron French Cdr.Timothy Francis French, USN, Retired, ’82 Father
Connor Michael Fuhrman Michael Thomas Fuhrman, ’91 Father
Frederick Benjamin Galloway Richard Alan Galloway, Jr., ’91 Father
John Ridgell III Gamble John Ridgell Gamble, Jr., ’83 Father
Mason Bradley Gibbons Judge Brian M. Gibbons, ’89 Father
Thomas Gray Harrison Thomas Kenneth Harrison, ’00 Father
Joseph Seaborn Glymph Hart Stephen Allen Hart, ’89 Father
Hunter Branham Johnson Jay Hunter Johnson, ’93 Father
Madison James Jordan Thomas Myers Jordan, ’83 Father
James Edwin Hunter, ’57 Grandfather
Arthur Buist Jordan, III, ’56 Grandfather
John Mitchell Kellahan Christopher Patrick Kellahan, ’89 Father
Turner Charles Kelley Reverend Jack Turner Kelley, ’59 Grandfather
Frank Nicholas Kordonis Pano Frank Kordonis, ’84 Father
Christopher Edward McIntosh Chris Allen McIntosh, ’85 Father
Christian Ross Meyer Lt. Col. Ross Meyer, USA, Retired, ’92 Father
William Luther, Jr. Mills William Luther Mills, M.D., ’81 Father
John Raymond Mosier Capt. Marion Earnest Taylor Mosier, USAR, ’75 Father
Matthew Porter Nee Randell Price Smith, ’57 Grandfather
Brian Edward Owens David Patrick Owens, ’89 Father
Giancarlo Emanuel Parrado-Pena Calros Manuel Parrado, M.D., LTC, USA, Retired, ’79 Father
David Michael III Pascoe The Honorable David Michael Pascoe, Jr., ’89 Father
Megan Marie Philipkosky Col.Thomas Gerard Philipkosky, USAF, Retired, ’82 Father
Michael Taylor Pio Mike Bryan Pio, ’89 Father
Connor Patrick Reardon Martin Daniel Reardon, ’79 Father
John Henry Reynolds John Scott Reynolds, ’87 Father
Holly Lynne Rickett Roy Lee Givins, Jr., Ph.D., ’87 Father
Matthew Stephen Russell William “Stephen” Russell, ’92 Father
Thomas Howard II Strickland Howard Jerome Strickland, Jr., ’85 Father
Tyler Hayes Thomason Mr. Joel Thomason, ’94 Father
Greyson Michael Thompson Cdr. Peter Michael Thompson, USN, Retired, ’79 Father
David Todd Truesdale Russell Jordan Truesdale, ’82 Father
William Christopher Tye Marc Richmond Tye, ’82 Father
Conrad Irby Young David Irby Young, III, ’85 Father
Patrick Joseph Zimmerman Mark L. Zimmerman, ’83 Father