Citadel President recognizes excellent work by employee and team of the year for 2018

Citadel team of the Year 2018

Pictured left to right: James Brower Daniel Webster, Rick Dean, Aaron Smith, Jason Moffitt, with Citadel President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa

The Citadel President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa presented the Team of the Year and Employee of the Year Awards to the recipients at the South Carolina Corps of Cadets parade April 20. Here is a look at what they do that sets them apart.

2018 Team of the Year: Battalion TAC Non-commissioned Officers

  • James Brower
  • Rick Dean
  • Jason Moffitt
  • Aaron Smith
  • Daniel Webster

The nomination letter written to the president by Lt. Col. Kevin Daugherty, U.S. Army (Ret.), assistant commandant for Leadership at The Citadel, reads in part:

Non-commissioned Officers (NCO) who are part of the commandant’s team are primarily responsible for running the daily business of the cadet chain of command within the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. This includes individual training, inspections, accountability, health and welfare, and information dissemination. In spite of their overwhelming list of tasks, TAC (Teach Advise Coach) officers have historically provided much of the developmental cadet officer training. After a successful trial in 2015-2016, a full complement of five battalion TAC NCOs was initiated. This new team has a transformative effect by giving the Office of the Commandant revolutionary capability in helping cadets develop as leaders and in improving the daily business of the Corps.

NCOs characteristically lead by example, are first-line problem solvers, and use direct leadership techniques. As a result, they have a very personal relationship with cadets. The TAC NCOs enjoy tremendous individual and collective respect from the cadets. This is not the favor gained by leniency or laxity. The TAC NCOs are the custodians of discipline and standards, yet they have impressed upon the cadets that they are servant leaders who create conditions that allow the cadets to reach their full potential.

The Citadel Director of Executive Events, Lori Hedstrom, 2018 Employee of The Year

Citadel Employee of the Year 2018 Lori Hedstrom
Citadel President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, USAF (Ret.) with Citadel Employee of the Year Lori Hedstrom

Lori Hedstrom joined The Citadel as director of Executive Events in 2013. A summary of the nomination letter submitted by Hedstrom’s supervisor, Cmdr. William Lind, USN (Ret.), is below.

Lori’s impact touches every aspect of Citadel life. The task of Executive Events is planning, coordinating, setting up and executing events in support of the president. It is critical these events present the school in the best possible light. Lori is directly responsible for their outcomes and her success means she navigates tasks involving every facet of the college, and thousands of people each year. The events she plans and executes for the Corps are unique and special. These events go off without a hitch, and it is because Lori always goes the extra mile.

Lori’s positive attitude amplifies her impact. She assists other departments with their events, and often becomes more than a consultant for these, coordinating things not in her purview. She helps coordinate nearly every large campus event, regardless who is hosting. No matter how long the day, unpalatable the task, or number of challenges she must overcome, Lori is unflappable. Her sunny disposition improves the day for our guests as well as fellow staff members. In one of the most forward-facing jobs on campus, Lori’s winning attitude is an absolute blessing.