COVID-19 guidance to the South Carolina Corps of Cadets – January 6, 2021

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The following is an addendum to the Blue Book and the White Book and outlines the change in policies and procedures for South Carolina Corps of Cadets (SCCC) operations in the COVID-19 environment. These policies and procedures are a continuation of the TEMPORARY measures from the Fall 2020 semester and will remain in effect until conditions change, allowing for normal operations. These additional measures and guidance are to facilitate the health, safety and well-being of the SCCC, employees and Citadel family members. All previous exceptions to this policy are rescinded until further notice.

The following measures are a direct order from the Commandant of Cadets effectively immediately:


  • Cadets are required to wear the uniform of the day while attending all classes to include online classes.
  • Cadets are required to keep the video function of their devices turned “on” when attending classes online so the professor may confirm they are in attendance for the entire class. Rules for class absences and late arrivals apply to both online and in-person class gatherings.
  • Cadets who have a requirement to participate in a class online instead of their scheduled face-to-face timeslot will be required to inform their TAC and get written approval from their professor.
  • The only authorized spaces for taking online classes and ESP are your own room, Daniel Library, classrooms, conference rooms and labs. Locker Rooms, Team Rooms, outside bleachers, outside fields/facilities are not authorized ESP and online class spaces.


  • Adherence to wearing face masks and social distancing for each event on the training schedule is required. General rule: if in doubt, wear your face mask and stay 6 feet apart.
  • Four new face masks will be issued to each cadet. Personal face masks are permitted if they meet these requirements: Solid black with no distinctive patterns, embroidery, designs, or other markings, and must fit around the head and ears.
  • “Gaiters” and bandanas are not authorized. Only face masks covering the mouth and nose are authorized.
  • Face masks will be worn at all times when outside your barracks room, unless otherwise directed on the Training Schedule, or during physical training activities. Facemasks will be worn covering both the nose and mouth.
  • Face masks will be worn with every Citadel uniform, on and off campus. Cadets will follow all federal, state, and local guidance and ordinances at all times when off campus.


  • Cadets will not, without specific authorization or prior approval in Fall 2020, from a TAC Officer/NCO or Commandant’s department staff member enter another barracks that they do not live in. Guards will challenge all cadets entering, ensuring they are assigned to that barracks, and will turn away anyone without specific authorization to enter. There are no other visitors authorized in the barracks without permission, or coordination with the Commandant’s Office.
  • Cadets will not enter another cadet’s room, unless given specific authorization by the Company Commander or TAC. Cadets requiring access to a room for official business will direct cadets occupying the room exit the room and remain on the galleries until official business is complete (MRl’s, etc.).
  • Cadets will be issued a thermometer and will check and record their temperatures twice daily (mornings after waking up and evenings before going to bed). Company Commanders will designate members of their chain of command to enforce compliance, and check individual cadet records. If a cadet has a temperature of greater than 100.4, they will report that to their chain of command and TAC, and will report to the Infirmary for further evaluation.
  • During periods of restricted leave, cadets will remain on campus and must have Special Leave or Special Orders to depart campus (i.e. internships, nursing clinics, funerals, weddings, etc…). During periods of restricted leave, visitors will be restricted as well.
  • Tours and restrictions will be conducted in each battalion. Cons will be served in the restricted cadet’s room and be checked by the BDO.
  • Some privileges such as company boards and seniors breaking down their rooms are suspended until normal operations recommence and permanent company/room assignments are made.

Mess Hall

  • Cadets will have assigned times, as part of their class schedule, for the Mess Hall. The mess hall will have the same operating procedures as the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Social distance will be maintained at all times in the mess hall and there will be no more than 6 cadets per table.
  • It is incumbent everyone follows rules on timeslots, entry/exit, food service, and seating. Following these directions will allow staff to serve you quickly, allow adequate time to  eat, and subsequent disinfection  before the next group enters.

Leave policy

  • A weekly assessment of the conditions on and off campus will determine the General Leave, Special Leave and Special Orders approvals.
  • Beginning 13 January 2021, in order to allow for the safe return and training of the SCCC, there is no General Leave during the first two weeks of classes. Special Leave and Special Orders will be granted for point-to-point, departure and return events with no deviations in travel authorized.

Physical training activities

  • Cadets are required to adhere to the guidelines and protocols set by the Deas Hall staff.
  • Cadets will not conduct unorganized or unofficial group physical activity, activities that are not socially distanced, or engage in physical activities that could risk spreading the COVID-19 virus anywhere on campus.
  • Cadets are not authorized to conduct physical training or activities off campus during times of restricted leave.

The policies and procedures outlined in the memorandum will remain in effect until conditions· allow for deviations. Strict enforcement of these  policies and procedures  are the responsibility of every member of the Citadel community. 

It is everyone’s responsibility to  protect one another and do the right thing. We all need to remain disciplined in our approach to the changes that this pandemic have forced us into. Remaining  positive, having a great attitude, being a great classmate, company mate and displaying the best positive leadership we all can will be the keys to our success. This effort is the ultimate team effort and taking care of your teammates by being proactive rather than reactive will be crucial for our success. Taking care of each other by communicating and recognizing  issues, personal  or organizational, are more important  now than ever. This pandemic has put a physical, emotional, financial and mental strain on everyone. It is our job as leaders, regardless of rank to say something if you see something, no matter how small or trivial.

E. F. Paluso
Commandant of Cadets