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Incoming cadet recruits register by July 1 for The Citadel Success Institute

All cadets and their families are encouraged to participate a June 29 virtual town hall, as the college community looks forward to returning to normal operations in every way possible for the coming academic year.

Hear the plans and ask questions about the 2021-2022 fall semester during the virtual town hall at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29. It will be accessible from the college’s Facebook page.

The Citadel President, Gen. Glenn M. Walters, USMC (Ret.) and The Citadel Provost and Dean of the College, Sally Selden, Ph.D., SPHR, will lead the session.

The Citadel Matriculation Day 2018
Matriculation Day at The Citadel, 2017.

Class of 2025: register by July 1 for Citadel Success Institute

Cadet recruits should remember that preparing for a successful knob year begins now. Matriculation Day is just weeks away on August 14. Detailed information on reporting times and flow will be available closer to that date.

One of the best ways to prepare is by attending The Citadel Success Institute which runs July 12–August 3.

The Citadel Success Institute is designed to helps to better prepare cadet recruits academically, emotionally, and physically for the rigors of The Citadel. Class of 2025 participants will earn credit in a course related to their majors, meet cadet mentors, hear from Medal of Honor recipients, make new friends within their class and work on team building exercises and physical fitness on a campus obstacle course. Statistics demonstrate that that students who participate in CSI are better prepared to succeed at The Citadel.

Students who have been accepted by The Citadel and have been medically cleared are highly encouraged to register for The Citadel Success Institute here, by July 1, 2021. Questions can be emailed to, or cadet recruits can call (843) 953-5705.

Additionally, all incoming members of the Class of 2025 should access The Cadet Success Packet online here. The packet defines the college’s core values of honor, duty and respect, explains expectations related to academic, military and physical fitness training, uniform requirements and more. Information in the packet will be updated, as needed, as Matriculation Day approaches.

Cadet recruit moving in during Matriculation Day 2019
Cadet recruit moving in during Matriculation Day 2019
The Class of 2024 reports to campus Sat, 08 Aug 2020 19:14:37 +0000 The full Class of 2024 reported to campus throughout Saturday, August 8, joining the more than 600 cadets who were already on campus.]]>

“Matriculation Day for me meant becoming a new person.”

The Citadel is welcoming the full Class of 2024 after cadet-recruits reported to campus throughout Saturday, August 8.

From 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., the new freshmen joined more than 600 cadets who were already on campus, having returned on a phased schedule to begin athletic training and prepare to train the new knobs.

The Matriculation Day process is usually completed in about two hours, but was stretched out to twelve this year to ensure social distancing and to limit the number of people on campus.

It’s the largest step — and one of the most important — in Operation Fall Return 2020.

“We’ve been working on this and preparing for this day for months,” said Col. John Dorrian, USAF (Ret.), the vice president for Communications and Marketing at The Citadel. “The final pieces have been put in place to make sure that we can have everybody back and protect everyone’s health and safety.”

Regimental Commander Nicholas Piacentini speaks with Citadel President General Glenn M. Walters ’79, USMC (Ret.) during Matriculation Day for the Class of 2024

Members of the Class of 2024 arrived on campus, said their goodbyes to their family and had their temperatures checked — and then the knobs began their processing.

After an initial stop in the barracks, where they receive their room assignments and physical training uniforms, the cadet-recruits traveled in small groups to Mark Clark Hall, where they got haircuts, their mailbox keys and were fitted for dress uniforms. After, they visited the cadet store to get necessary equipment.

“I think the most important thing that they will be learning is their ‘why’ and their reason for being here,” said Samantha Walton, the Regimental Public Affairs non-commissioned officer. “As a cadet you’ll learn that you’re always asked why you decided to come to The Citadel and I believe that it changes throughout your cadet career, whether you’re a freshman or a senior.”

Throughout the process, the cadet-recruits began to receive their military instruction from cadre, the group of upperclassmen tasked with training the knobs. Through masks, there was at least one new cadre command — “keep six feet apart.”

The next step in the knobs’ Citadel career is Challenge Week, when cadets are introduced to the Fourth-Class System and receive rapid military training — learning how to wear their uniforms, drill, clean their rooms and barracks, and become familiar with the campus.

“When you’re a member of the Corps of Cadets, you develop camaraderie with your classmates that’s really unlike anything you’d see at any other institution,” said Dorrian. “You go through hard times together, you overcome challenges together, you learn teamwork together, and those profound impacts will follow you all the rest of your lives.

On Monday, the class will stand on Summerall Field and take an oath pledging to abide by the college’s core values of honor, duty and respect as future members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.

The freshmen Oath Ceremony will be livestreamed on Facebook Monday, Aug. 10 at 4:30 p.m.

The remainder of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets will return to campus by August 16.

Any parents, knobs, cadets or students with questions about Operation Fall Return and COVID-19 protocols can find Frequently Asked Questions here, or use this form to send a question.

Matriculation update: Top 9 takeaways from Class of 2024 Virtual Town Hall Wed, 22 Jul 2020 20:41:29 +0000 The Citadel President Gen. Walters, Provost Dr. Selden, and Commandant of Cadets Capt. Paluso, led a virtual town hall meeting to discuss Matriculation Day.]]>

Even if you watched it, please read this article; two adjustments made to information provided during the town hall

As The Citadel moves forward with Operation Fall Return 2020, an agile, conditions-based plan to return cadets and students to face-to-face instruction, college leadership is communicating regularly to keep all constituents informed.

The Citadel President, Gen. Glenn M. Walters, USMC (Ret.), Sally Selden, Ph.D., the provost, and Capt. Geno Paluso, USN (Ret.), the commandant of cadets, led a virtual town hall meeting July 21 for the incoming Class of 2024 and their parents, to supplement the other communications related to the Aug. 8 Matriculation Day. Close to 800 people watched the live event. This was the third in a series of virtual town halls conducted for different campus audiences in July.

“This will be a good year for your freshman both academically and military. We have set conditions for safety and success, but every cadet must follow the rules for us to get this right, and for the sake of all,” said Walters. “I am proud of how our staff and faculty have prepared for this operation. We are all here for the purpose of making your knob’s experience productive and successful.”

Walters said he expect about 700 knobs to matriculate.

The top 9 takeaways from the freshmen virtual conversation, which included real-time questions from cadets and parents, are as follows:

  1. Freshmen must be tested for COVID-19 while still at home, approximately two weeks prior to matriculation. Those with negative test results need to email them by Aug. 7 to Any cadet recruit receiving a positive test result should email it to the admissions address, and call admissions to discuss options and receive instructions at (843) 953-5230. If for some reason a cadet recruit cannot be tested, or does not receive test results prior to matriculation, that knob should report to campus and will be tested upon arrival.
  2. NEW: Some parents expressed concerns during the town hall because medical providers had refused to test asymptomatic patients without an order from a physician. Dr. Carey Capell, The Citadel’s physician, has written a letter that should help with these situations. You can download and print the letter here.
  3. NEW: Matriculation Day instructions for parents: Arrive according to the pre-provided specific check in time. Follow traffic directions. Help your knob unload belongings in a timely fashion at the barracks curb where directed, say goodbye at curb and depart. After that, parents are asked to depart campus. Although Gen. Walters and the Citadel leadership team would have been delighted to meet parents in person on Matriculation Day, the matriculation planning team has adjusted the planned face-to-face engagement in McAlister Field House to a virtual engagement Thursday Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. This is a change from what was discussed on the Zoom engagement for incoming freshmen and parents.
  4. Examples of COVID-19 protective measures being taken on campus include expert, robust sanitization of campus facilities as well as social distancing for classes, formation, mess hall, and in any required group setting. Additionally, no leave will be granted for any cadet until at least two weeks after reconstitution. The Citadel will also have testing capacity to test and, as appropriate, quarantine those who test positive for COVID-19.
  5. Knobs will always wear masks other than for PT, eating, in the shower or in their rooms. It is part of their required uniform, as it is for the entire Corps. Arrive wearing a face covering and additional masks will be provided at check-in.
  6. All cadets will register for times for breakfast and lunch based on their provided class schedules and need to abide by those times, which helps assure appropriate social distancing arrangements in the mess hall.
  7. Components of fall semester such as parades, club or intramural sports activities, or Parents’ Weekend are conditions-based, with decisions being made after the semester gets underway. The freshmen Oath Ceremony will be livestreamed on Facebook Monday, Aug. 10 at 4:30 p.m.
  8. Socially distanced church services will be held in the chapel on campus. For knobs who wish to worship at Charleston’s mosque or synagogue, for example, arrangements will be provided to facilitate that. Additionally, there are supportive faith groups for many denominations listed here. It’s important to recognize that the ability of these groups to meet in person may be limited to maintain social distance and prevent virus spread.
  9. Knobs should bring headsets or ear buds that work with their computer to use during study sessions and during the virtual portion of any coursework delivered through our hybrid model, which will help maintain social distance in high demand classes.

“This is a special place. This is not an easy place. For most knobs, there will be a time when they feel like quitting,” said Paluso. “Parents should be supportive, but encourage them to be strong and consider the big picture of graduating to become part of The Citadel Long Gray Line, and all of the advantages that go with it. But they’ve got to earn it.”

Any parents, knobs, cadets or students with questions about Operation Fall Return and COVID-19 protocols can find Frequently Asked Questions here, or use this form to send a question.

Watch the recorded Class of 2024 Virtual Town Hall below.

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Class of 2024 marches forward with Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation Wed, 01 Jul 2020 12:46:48 +0000 About 700 young men and women are preparing for success before entering The Citadel as cadet recruits, who will comprise the Class of 2024.]]>

Preparing for success before coming to campus

About 700 young men and women are preparing to enter The Citadel as cadet recruits who will comprise the Class of 2024. The freshmen, known as knobs, report to campus on Matriculation Day, Saturday, August 15, 2020. The moment they enter their barracks they begin months of military, physical, and leadership training with the goal of being recognized as members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets in the spring of 2021.

These recruits are embracing the rigorous challenges and eventual rewards offered by one of the only two remaining Senior Military Colleges in the U.S. providing a 24/7 military culture. The Corps’ structure presents a four-year leadership laboratory, where cadets work according to the values of honor, duty, and respect, toward increasing positions of rank to eventually help lead their peers.

During normal times, an on-campus summer session called The Citadel Success Institute (CSI) is offered to help incoming freshmen better transition to academic, physical and emotional demands of their knob year before matriculating. Due to COVID-19, the Class of 2024 will participate in Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation, provided at no cost by the college since CSI could not take place.

“The Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation will help you succeed in the classroom as well as in the barracks, so please understand how important this preparation will be to your ability to achieve excellence,” said CSI director Chris Fudge, in a letter to participants.

Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation

Close to 90% of the Class of 2024 has registered to participate in Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation July 6 – 24. Much of the six-module orientation can be completed at the recruit’s own pace, with live Instagram and Zoom meetings help most evenings at 7 p.m. Students should expect to spend about 45 minutes a day, several days a week, for the three-week experience to complete the training.

The recruits are divided into teams of 40 – 50 to complete their tasks, interacting with Citadel faculty, staff and upper-class cadets who help lead them through the orientation. 

“You will meet remotely, forming relationships with not only your classmates but also with upper-class cadets whose names and faces you’ll be happy to know when you arrive,” Fudge said.

The recruits will learn how to navigate the college’s remote learning, academic/grading, and Cadet Account Ability platforms. They will also participate in one-on-one virtual advising sessions to learn how to schedule their classes. The freshmen will meet the college’s department heads and deans who can provide information for those who have not selected a major, or who have questions about the major they will pursue. Additionally, there will be breakout rooms for group discussions monitored by cadet leadership.

Examples of other elements of orientation include:

  • Learning alma mater, a requirement for all recruits.
  • A campus 360 tour and walk through of the academic buildings.
  • A student services session covering the Student Success Center, tutoring sessions, Disability Services Counseling, Career Center services, clubs, club sports and more.
  • Virtual workout demonstrations to assist in being in shape for the physical training requirements before arrival.
  • Remote meetings with company academic officers for guidance on time management.

For more information about the Class of 2024 Virtual Fourth-Class Orientation: visit this webpage to review frequently asked questions, call (843) 953-6773, or email