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Athletic cadre first to report back for Operation Fall Return 2020

About 30 of the South Carolina Corps of Cadet’s newest leaders arrived on campus July 23 and one-by-one, though muffled through masks, proudly said, “Good morning Sergeant Major,” in the First Battalion sally port.

“A lot of work went into this — a lot of planning,” said Capt. Geno Paluso, USN (Ret.), commandant of cadets. “But, in the end, we have a group of volunteer cadets that are going to be the athletic cadre, who will help us bring in almost 60 of the newest members of the Long Gray Line.”

Members of the athletic cadre returned to campus early to get special instruction on to train the incoming cadet-athlete recruits. Those knobs will arrive on campus July 29.

Capt. Geno Paluso, commandant of cadets, greets members of the athletic cadre

The athletic cadre’s arrival is a milestone in Operation Fall Return, an agile, conditions-based plan to safely return cadets and students to campus.

“It’s exciting to see what’s going to happen and how things will play out,” said Cadet Logan Braucht, a football player and Exercise Science major from Waycross, Georgia. “If any college can do it, it’s The Citadel. I’m excited to be able to have an impact on people around me and that’s something that I came here to learn — to be able to be a leader.”

Part of being a leader means embracing the changes necessary to keep everyone safe — like social distancing, wearing masks and new routines for entering and exiting the barracks.

But, despite all the things the COVID pandemic has changed, it hasn’t affected The Citadel’s model for developing principled leaders.

Athletic cadre members help incoming athlete-knobs learn and succeed in the Fourth-Class System, which represents the foundation of The Citadel’s signature four-year leadership development program. It creates discipline and instills the core values of honor, duty and respect.

“I think it’s important to develop leadership fundamentals early and properly, because the cadet recruits we are training will be teaching the next class and so on…” said Cadet Maddy Cardenas. “I think it’s important that we teach them the way that we’d like to be taught and the way that we want others to be taught behind us, as well.

Cardenas is a Mechanical Engineering major from Los Angeles, California, who plays volleyball for The Citadel.

“There are two things that we have to do. We have to deliver academics and we have to have a freshmen class — we have to have a knob class. You can’t break the The Citadel’s Long Gray Line,” continued Paluso. “This is the beginning of training the next generation of the Long Gray Line. Get them here. Get them trained. And, do it in a safe and efficient manner.”

“To come from having an early Recognition Day, to then being the first ones on campus, it’s definitely a different kind of experience than what I expected,” continued Braucht. “But I think it’s really going to help us have the mindset that that we need for the things we’re going to learn at The Citadel — to be able to overcome any obstacle.”

The full Class of 2024 arrives Aug. 8, with planned return of the upperclass cadets on Aug. 16.

For more information on Operation Fall Return, click here.

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The Citadel Tailor Shop steps up to help keep campus co-workers healthy Wed, 22 Apr 2020 21:59:08 +0000 The Tailor Shop would normally be busy right now with uniform needs for commencement. But with cadets away, the staff made a new way to help their community.]]>

Photo: Margaret Middleton, a long time seamstress in The Citadel Tailor Shop, sews cotton face masks for campus staff

The Citadel Tailor Shop would normally be inundated right now with uniform needs for commencement but with cadets away due to COVID-19, commencement will be virtual, thus many racks in the shop are empty.

Citadel President Gen. Glenn Walters picks up cloth face masks for he and his wife from the college’s tailor shop while visiting, from a distance, with shop assistant Tonie Veile. The Walters continue to live in their campus home during the pandemic.

The Citadel President, Gen. Glenn Walters saw an opportunity and asked the director of the tailor shop, Rick Gutierrez, if his team could make face masks.

Masks made by Citadel Tailor Shop employees Margaret Middleton and Karen Stevens are seen at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina on Monday, April 20, 2020. (Photo by Cameron Pollack / The Citadel)

Though cadets and students are away, there are still employees on campus who needed to keep facilities running and in shape, and they needed face masks to stay safe. The resounding answer from the tailor shop team: YES!

“It is satisfying to us to be able to help keep our coworkers on campus safe, ” said Gutierrez. “We have two seamstresses working on masks in the shop and one working from home. Our masks are made from 100% tight woven cotton, like a quilting cotton. The interfacing is R911 pellon that gets placed in between the two fabrics that gets sewn in along with the elastic that stretches out around the ears.”

Empty uniform racks surround Citadel Tailor Shop director, Rick Gutierrez, as he greets staff coming to the shop to pick up face masks
Citadel cadets resurrect flying club to help address pilot shortage worldwide Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:58:18 +0000 After almost four decades of dormancy, The Citadel Flying Club is operational again with about 240 members. ]]>

As seen on Live 5 News by Kaitlin Stansell

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The Citadel Flying Club has entered a new chapter to help address a looming shortage of military and commercial pilots.

The club was created in 1939 but dissolved in the 1970s.

Now, after almost four decades of dormancy, the club is operational again with about 240 members. Organizers hope the endeavor can give cadets at the military college a leg up in pursuing a career in aviation.

The club offers subsidized flight training to its members and hopes to award scholarships for cadets.

The club has purchased an old Citadel training center at the Charleston Executive Airport on Johns Island.

“We have a team of cadets that are going to go out there and paint it and make it kind of match Citadel colors and logo,” said Kirk Faris, the Citadel Flying Club’s president. “That’s where we are going to officially begin our official operations with more cadet flight training in February.”

Over the next two decades, almost 800,000 new pilots will be needed to fuel the aviation industry, according to the most recent projections from Boeing.

Faris hopes the flying club will help prepare cadets for future aviation careers.

“It’s definitely a wise idea for them to get involved with the club due to the subsidized flight training we offer through scholarships as well as our partnerships with local flight schools,” Faris said. “It’s definitely the best route to prepare you for the military or if you want to go commercial. It’s definitely the best route to get you in the door for aviation.”

The goal is for the club and its training initiatives to become self-sustaining.

Freshmen will learn to fly drones. Sophomores and juniors will take flight instruction, and seniors, who have undergone both levels of training, will become the instructors for fellow underclassmen.

The flying club’s scholarship program depends on donations.

If you’d like to help or learn more about the Citadel Flying Club, visit

Citadel changes grooming policy to match DOD standards Fri, 02 Nov 2018 17:33:56 +0000 The Citadel HaircutThe Citadel HaircutThe new policy follows Department of Defense standards and will improve the recruiting of women and give the Corps of Cadets a more professional look.]]> The Citadel HaircutThe Citadel Haircut

Citadel Commandant retired Navy Capt. Geno Paluso, ’89, is implementing a change to the current grooming guidelines outlined in the Blue Book. Under the new guidelines fourth-class male cadets will get one initial fourth-class haircut at matriculation. After the initial haircut, they will follow existing upper-class haircut standards. Fourth-class female cadets will follow U.S. Army standards and will not be required to cut their hair at matriculation. These changes will go into effect in the 2019-2020 academic year.

The new policy follows Department of Defense standards and will improve the recruiting of women and give the Corps of Cadets a more professional look.

“I spent 25 years in the Navy,” said Paluso, “and I don’t think The Citadel should have a stricter grooming standard than the Department of Defense—the very people defending our nation, our freedom and our right to have this institution.”

In the 1997 Blue Book the male haircut regulation changed from one initial freshman-standard haircut to a yearlong freshman-standard haircut. The return to pre-1997 regulations means a cost savings and an improvement in the quality of life for cadets.

Paluso remembers his own freshman haircut in 1985. “We were all in a race to see who would be the first one to part his hair,” Paluso said.

In July 1996 before the first group of women entered The Citadel, the Board of Visitors approved a policy that said that women cadets must have “a distinctive haircut.” For fourth-class women that haircut was a pixie-style haircut. Upper-class females were allowed to have slightly longer hair that could not touch the top of their dress blouse. In the 2008-2009 academic year, the regulations changed to allow upper-class women to have long hair worn in a bun that met the Department of Defense grooming standards.

The new standard for upper-class women, however, meant that sophomore women growing their hair out have an unruly mop that requires a lot of attention and a lot of bobby pins.

“Good for the women who were willing to come here and cut their hair, but the haircuts just look bad,” said Paluso.

A look back at cadet regulations from 1849 shows that hair standards were essentially unchanged for almost a hundred years. There was no fourth-class haircut. Regulations prohibited long hair, mustaches and whiskers. In 1956, the regulations changed to prohibit sideburns, and it was not until the 1960s that the buzz cut was given to freshmen cadets. It was at this same time that the freshman moniker “knob” began to replace the terms “plebe” and “rat.”

Gen. Glenn M. Walters, ’79, who served as assistant commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps before he became in the 20th president of The Citadel in October, is very familiar with Department of Defense standards.

“I support Capt. Paluso’s decision wholeheartedly,” said Walters. “In fact, I asked him to make the change as soon as possible. To be competitive as a college, we need to be current, and hairstyles should not define who we are.”

Civic service continues as cadets and students study abroad Fri, 05 Oct 2018 15:31:07 +0000 JoAnna WinbornJoAnna WinbornCitadel cadets and students are continuing their commitment to civic service as they travel abroad.]]> JoAnna WinbornJoAnna Winborn

Citadel cadets and students are continuing their commitment to civic service as they travel abroad.

JoAnna Winborn
Cadet JoAnna Winborn teaches children how to throw a football

In September, cadets studying in Cyprus volunteered at American Sports Day at the University of Nicosia (UNIC), the school that they are attending while abroad. The event, which was sponsored by the American Center of UNIC and the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, brought local children of all ages to the college campus to play and learn about sports that are popular in America.

The 11 Citadel volunteers helped teach skills related to sports such as football, soccer, baseball, table tennis and miniature golf. Volunteers included Dr. Terry Mays, professor in The Citadel Department of Political Science and coordinator of the study abroad trip, as well as:

  • Michael Austin Bobel
  • Taurus Brown
  • Garrett Christie
  • Marshall McKee
  • Brandon Shively
  • Zion Smith
  • Daniel Wentley
  • Andrew Williams
  • JoAnna Winborn
  • Samuel Zuschlag

Andrew Williams With US Ambassador
Cadet Andrew Williams with U.S. Ambassador Kathleen Doherty

Attendees of the event included U.S. Ambassador Kathleen Doherty and U.N. Secretary General Representative Elizabeth Spehar.

“This program was a great cultural experience for our cadets,” said Mays. “It was an opportunity for the cadets to meet younger Cypriots and show them different techniques used in American sports. It was also a great way for the Cypriots to learn more about the U.S. through personal interactions with us and other volunteers.”

Serving others, developing leaders

Through the creation and completion of a six-year strategic plan titled LEAD 2018, the Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics was established and service learning was incorporated into all four years of the cadet experience. Last academic year, the South Carolina Corps of Cadets provided almost 20,000 hours of volunteer service to the community.

Members of The Citadel community volunteer on a regular basis with more than 30 local partners such as the City of Charleston Recreation DepartmentCharleston County School District and Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, cadets and students participate collectively in service learning and civic engagement during The Citadel’s annual Leadership Day, which will occur on October 17 this fall.

A foundation for success Tue, 18 Sep 2018 18:56:13 +0000 Miller Ford Futures MagazineMiller Ford Futures MagazineArmy National Guard Cadet Miller Ford knew from a young age that he wanted to join the Military, but he didn’t realize it could also help him pay for his education. ]]> Miller Ford Futures MagazineMiller Ford Futures Magazine

As seen in FUTURES Magazine

Miller Ford Futures

Thanks to a range of education, training and tuition programs, when you commit to serve, the Military commits to supporting your future

Army National Guard Cadet Miller Ford knew from a young age that he wanted to join the Military, but he didn’t realize it could also help him pay for his education. Miller is a junior at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, but when he arrived, a college degree wasn’t his only ambition.

“Going into the Military was definitely a goal of mine,” he says. The Tennessee native joined the South Carolina National Guard and now drills one weekend a month on campus with fellow students while balancing schoolwork and spending time with friends. And the Army National Guard is helping him pay for what would’ve been an expensive out-of-state tuition, providing immense financial relief.

“I don’t have to worry about graduating in $200,000 worth of debt,” Miller says. “It’s taken a huge stressor off my life and my parents’ lives. Being able to get out and have one less thing to worry about has been essential for me, honestly, and it’s allowed me to focus on other things.”

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Wonder women Tue, 18 Sep 2018 18:31:18 +0000 Paige HerbstPaige Herbst"I want to get my hands in there and guide people the right way,” says Paige Herbst, Army National Guard cadet.]]> Paige HerbstPaige Herbst

As seen in FUTURES Magazine

I just love the idea of being a superhero,” says Alejandra Cepeda, a New York City–based nursing student who serves part time as a firefighter in the Air National Guard.

Alejandra Cepeda Futures Magazine“What I wanted to do since I was little was anything pertaining to helping people,” she says. Shortly after completing Air Force Basic Military Training, Alejandra found her calling by becoming the first female firefighter in her squadron’s history. She’s as proud of this as she is of the impact she’s had on others.

“It’s really fulfilling for me, knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life,” she says.

Whether she’s serving part time as a firefighter or studying to become a nurse, Alejandra enjoys being able to help others while serving close to home. “I like the closeness to home,” she says. “I like to be able to have a life with my close family, in addition to having this side of life where I am out and traveling with the Guard. It’s the best of both worlds.”

In a few years, when she finishes her nursing degree, she hopes to commission as an officer in the active-duty Air Force and become a flight nurse full time. This is a testament to the impact her part-time military service has had on her. With the skills she’s gained in her nursing classes and out in the field fighting fires, there’s no doubt she’ll find success in the coming years as she commits to serving her country full time.

You can be a pilot! You can be a pilot!”

That’s what Reily Finnelly wishes she could tell every young girl across the country. In a field dominated by men, in both the Military and the civilian
world, Reily’s part of a smaller pool of female pilots she hopes will continue to grow in the coming years. “People just don’t think that women can be pilots,” she says. “That’s the biggest misconception. In reality, anybody can do it.”

Reily Finnelly Futures MagazineReily comes from a long line of pilots. Two of her uncles fly for commercial airlines, just like her grandfather did before them. But it wasn’t until late in college that she decided to follow their lead, first by getting her civilian pilot license, and later when she decided to join the Air Force Reserve.

Now Reily has the opportunity to fly all over the world, including places like Hawaii, Germany, Japan and South Korea. “I operate the C-17 aircraft, and we are focused on air mobility: moving cargo and people, wherever they need to go throughout the world, safely and efficiently.” “Cargo” can be anything from vehicles and equipment to medical evacuation patients. The fact that she has the ability to travel all over never gets old. “I’ve had days
where I’ve woken up in Spain where it’s 85 degrees out,” Reily says, “and then flown to a place like Iceland where it’s 10 degrees. Being able to experience different cultures is definitely a rewarding part of the job.”

Reily likes to think she has the best of both worlds, being a pilot in the Reserve, traveling to all these amazing places, while still knowing she’ll always be able to call the Seattle area home. When she’s not airborne on one of her monthly training missions as part of the Reserve, you can usually find
her in the mountains of Washington with friends and family or putting in time at her local CrossFit gym. In the coming months, she plans to start flying for one of the major commercial airlines, so if you’re ever on a flight out of Seattle, be sure to take a peek and see if Reily’s in the cockpit.

“I want to get my hands in there and guide people the right way,” says Paige Herbst, Army National Guard cadet. While she’s a natural leader, she admits she had a little help. “I’d say that’s who I am, but more so, the Military definitely brought it out in me,” she says.

Paige Herbst FuturesIn high school, Paige participated in Junior ROTC and enjoyed it so much that she joined the Army National Guard after high school graduation. Now she balances college classes and being a varsity athlete at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, with serving part time. During her monthly drill weekends and annual training, she leads a platoon of 40 Soldiers in practice and by example. “I’m very positive around all my Soldiers and I strive to make everyone better, as well as myself, so that way I can learn and grow to be a better person,” Paige says.

During one particularly memorable training mission, her platoon hiked 25 miles a day, with Paige right there guiding them. One of her Soldiers thanked her for her hands-on leadership approach. “That was a proud internal moment,” she says. “I was out there with my Soldiers, getting dirty, getting things done, doing what we have to do to serve the state.”

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First woman to lead Citadel’s cadets says academy has changed “180 degrees” for women Sat, 15 Sep 2018 12:58:46 +0000 Sarah Zorn Feature CBSSarah Zorn Feature CBSSarah Zorn might be a historical first but in her mind, what is first, are her fellow cadets.]]> Sarah Zorn Feature CBSSarah Zorn Feature CBS

As seen in CBS This Morning

In our series, Profiles in Service, we spotlight Americans who dedicate their lives to helping others.”CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell speaks with the first woman to lead the corps of cadets at The Citadel. The South Carolina military college first allowed women to join the corps in 1995 under federal court order. Women now make up about nine percent of the undergraduate student body and that number continues to grow.  At the helm of the more than 2,300 cadets is senior Sarah Zorn.

Sarah Zorn might be a historical first but in her mind, what is first, are her fellow cadets.

“I didn’t want to do it because I wanted to be this ‘shatterer of glass ceilings’ or things like that. I wanted to provide the best opportunity to leave the corps better for tomorrow,” Zorn said.

She grew up in a small South Carolina town, in a “give the shirt off your back” kind of household. The selflessness and determination she developed carried her to The Citadel.

“I’m proud to have that title and I’m humbled to have that title but I always try to keep in the back of my mind that it’s not about what I am, it’s about what I do,” Zorn said. “Service to me is selfless….to be a servant leader is to put others’ needs before your own. I personally believe that servant leadership is the only successful leadership because no matter your decision, you are making decisions as a leader on behalf of others.”

It’s that very kind of focus that’s earned Zorn respect, but she did face some initial resistance from the long gray line.

“There was a small amount of cadets who were questioning what she would do simply because she was a woman, not because of her merit,” said regimental executive officer David Days. “But I think as we’ve progressed throughout from last spring until now, more and more people have gotten behind her.”

And yet, Zorn’s rise to top cadet is remarkable given that a little more than 20 years ago, she wouldn’t have even been welcome in the corps. After a legal battle, Shannon Faulkner won the right to become the first woman to attend The Citadel. She left after five days.

Asked if women are treated equally there, Zorn said, “Yes. I would definitely say so.” Though she admits that wasn’t always the case.

“There is a long and lengthy history of the struggles that women felt here, but I feel like we’ve come, you know, 180 degrees from where we were 20 years ago,” Zorn said.

Each day begins at 5 a.m. with a full course load, regimental commander duties, and workouts – sometimes twice a day. Zorn performs at the very top of the corps in physical fitness and can do 65 push-ups in two minutes, which is more than three times the minimum for women.

She’s also been training in karate since she was 10 and holds three black belts. Martial arts, she says, teaches her patience and self-discipline. Her karate teacher has said she’s the most motivated person he’s ever met.

“Motivation is a desire not to disappoint…You don’t want to disappoint yourself because you realize what you’re capable of,” Zorn said.

Zorn gets her mental toughness from her mother, who died when Sarah was 16. She credits her mom, an Air Force veteran, for instilling in her a strong sense of patriotism.

“I hope to be a person of service, empathy, kindness because I think those are some of the fundamental things that people need in this world right now. A little more leadership, a little more empathy and understanding,” Zorn said.

After graduation, Zorn will serve in the U.S. Army for at least five years. She wants to become a military intelligence officer and hopes to spend her career in the army. Right now, with Hurricane Florence approaching, The Citadel has been evacuated.  Zorn took several out-of-state cadets home with her to safety.

Cadets and students named to The Citadel’s spring 2018 dean’s list Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:35:13 +0000 Cadets in formationCadets in formationCitadel cadets and students were named to the dean's list for their work accomplished in the spring semester of 2018.]]> Cadets in formationCadets in formation

The dean’s list is a recognition given to cadets and students who are registered for 12 or more semester hours and whose grade point average is 3.20 or higher, with no grade of I (Incomplete) and no grade below C for work in a semester.

The following are cadets and students named to the dean’s list for their work accomplished in the spring semester of 2018:

Last Name First Name City State
Aaron Cameron Myrtle Beach SC
Abell Cameron Charleston SC
Adams Jackson Columbia SC
Adams Steven Greenwich CT
Addy Skyler West Columbia SC
Aiken Andrew Fleming Island FL
Alequin Alexander La Canada CA
Alexis Nancy Charleston SC
Allen Kyle Greenland NH
Allen Kentavius Elberton GA
Allen Brian Charleston SC
Al-Tamimi Isaac Erie PA
Alviter George Athens GA
Anderson Jordan Mount Pleasant SC
Anderson Samantha Sanger TX
Appleby Zachary Cape Coral FL
Arline Oscar Flagler Beach FL
Arnette William Columbia SC
Askins John Mount Pleasant SC
Bach-Davis Griffin Parker CO
Bachelor Brent Boiling Springs SC
Baize Robert Shelby Township MI
Baker Ryan Wadmalaw Island SC
Balding Kenneth Virginia Beach VA
Banzon Michelle Sumter SC
Barbot Jenifer Takoma Park MD
Barnett Riley Greenwood SC
Bartolo Matthew Cicero NY
Bateman Trace Greer SC
Bath James Westminster MD
Beaput Adrian Fort Mill SC
Bearden Charles Greenville SC
Beasley Jack Henry Florence SC
Bedenbaugh Joseph Prosperity SC
Beehler Jack Greer SC
Behnke Timothy Kernersville NC
Beier Booker Pleasantville IA
Bermudez Lawrence Palm Beach Gardens FL
Bilton Kiel Sumter SC
Bishop Dylan Gastonia NC
Black Jordan Vidalia GA
Blackwood Tristan Inman SC
Blair Matthew Anderson SC
Blankenship Jacob North Augusta SC
Blanton Samuel Goose Creek SC
Bobel Michael Leba Non TN
Bolchoz Brian Columbia SC
Bord Nathan Summerville SC
Borrelli Evan Wilmington DE
Bourlet Keara Carthage NC
Bowles Robert Beaufort SC
Brady Kyle Greer SC
Brawley Aaron Grayson GA
Bridenbaugh Donald Metamora IL
Bridges Devlen Irmo SC
Bridges Hunter Johns Island SC
Brooks Nathan Mount Pleasant SC
Brooks Shiloh Charleston SC
Brown Robert Florence SC
Brown Drew Mount Pleasant SC
Brown Henry St. Louis MO
Brown Christopher Bonneau SC
Brown Jonathan Charleston SC
Bryant Mitchell Greenville SC
Buchanan Parker Piedmont SC
Buckhannon Collin Isle of Palms SC
Buda Jackson Charleston SC
Buddenberg Alex Simpsonville SC
Buffington Steven Marietta GA
Buren Johnathan Williamsburg VA
Burgess Tyler Liberty SC
Burke Lachlan Blythewood SC
Burn Murray Moncks Corner SC
Butler Ian Charleston SC
Butler Jamme Mount Pleasant SC
Butler Dane Williamsburg VA
Butterfield Andrew Greer SC
Byrd Parker Duncan SC
Cain Jeffrey Commerce GA
Calkins Hunter Hahira GA
Capers Christina N. Charleston SC
Carpenter Logan Hartsville SC
Carraway James Lugoff SC
Carter Rachael Charleston SC
Cass Kameron Mobile AL
Cassell Michael Parkland FL
Causey Hampton Chapin SC
Chaisang Porntep Kingston PA
Chapman Jacob Liberty SC
Charles Samuel Rock Hill SC
Chien Chun-Yu Charleston SC
Ching Hsin-Yun Kaohsiung
Christianson Christian Winnsboro SC
Clark Billy Simpsonville SC
Clegg Jordan Beaufort SC
Cleland Cole Harleyville SC
Cline Carli Beaufort SC
Clingman Rebecca Columbia SC
Cochran Edward Mount Pleasant SC
Cochran Nathaniel Midway GA
Cohen Micah Henrico VA
Coker John Travelers Rest SC
Cole Jonathan Fuquay Varina NC
Collette Alexander Summerville SC
Collins Kristopher Summerville SC
Coluccio Salvatore Charleston SC
Colyer William Charleston SC
Conde Michael Elgin SC
Conley Victoria Mount Pleasant SC
Conley Charley Vienna WV
Connolly Gavin Northvale NJ
Conroy John Charleston SC
Consiglio Matthew Nazareth PA
Contreras Maria Guatemala
Cooper Grayson Suwanee GA
Corney Daniel Mount Pleasant SC
Covington James Mount Pleasant SC
Cox Joel Surfside Beach SC
Cox James Chester SC
Craft Justin Waldorf MD
Crawford Robert Charleston SC
Crawford James Lossiemouth
Croft John Mount Pleasant SC
Crosby Zachary Walterboro SC
Cudd Robert Rock Hill SC
Cyr Chase Worcester MA
Dalenburg Samuel Columbia SC
Daniel Grant Clemmons NC
Daniels Asyria Hinesville GA
Davidson James Brick NJ
Davis Philip Inman SC
Davis Jonathan Goose Creek SC
Davis Philip Marrietta GA
Davis James Greenville SC
Davis Jordan Lexington SC
Days David Chester SC
Deaver Charles Charleston SC
Dekle John Clemson SC
DeLage Michael Applegate MI
Delpizzo John Springfield VA
Deng Song Beijing
Dennen Kaitlyn Round Rock TX
DeSalle Julianna Navarre FL
Desjardins Andrew Myrtle Beach SC
Desser Margaret Dillon SC
Dettenmayer Hayley Fayetteville NC
Devine Matthew Hortense GA
Dinda Jeremy Mount Pleasant SC
Dixon Nathan Carlsile PA
Dockins Ross Kennesaw GA
Douglas Jared Maryville TN
Druzisky Gillian Eagle ID
Duane Martin Hilton Head SC
Duggan Dana Seaford NY
Dunne Owen Lithia FL
Dykens Adam Pickens SC
Eason Hunter Florence SC
Edwards William Greer SC
Edwards Alexis Anderson SC
Edwards Nathan Goose Creek SC
Edwards Drew Summerton SC
Einstein Charles Greenville SC
Eklund Koby Greenwood SC
Elliott Bradley Puyallup WA
Ellis Rodney Summerville SC
Ellis Tyrone Blythewood SC
Engel Samantha Mount Pleasant SC
Escobar Sebastian Potomac MD
Estridge Tyler Columbia SC
Evangelista Matthew Mount Pleasant SC
Evans Warren Greenwood SC
Evdemon Matthew Indian Land SC
Everham McKenzie Wellford SC
Fachko Tyler Summerville SC
Faris Kirk West Palm Beach FL
Farr Tyler Summerville SC
Faulkner Sean-Thomas Easley SC
Feinberg Colton Awendaw SC
Fender Thomas Orangeburg SC
Fenlayson William Greenville SC
Ferguson Russell Charlottesville VA
Ferguson Joseph Fort Mill SC
Fiddie Joshua Pinopolis SC
Filippis Miles Royal Oak MI
Fischer Connor North Myrtle Beach SC
Fisk Caitlin Goose Creek SC
Fitzhenry Jesse Plymouth MA
Fleckenstein Noah Elmhurst IL
Flippen Samuel Charleston SC
Floresca Delfin Charleston SC
Flowers Jason Irmo SC
Flynn Kylie Fort Myers FL
Foggo Ian Hilton Head Island SC
Ford Chaska Anderson CA
Foster Richard Cayce SC
Foster Gabriel Tuscaloosa AL
Foster Hunter Woodruff SC
Franks Riley Pearland TX
Frazee Philip Chapin SC
Frazier Christopher Brunson SC
Friedlander Justin Coral Springs FL
Furmanick Christopher Raymond NH
Galbraith Bradley Greensburg PA
Galletto Joshua Bradenton FL
Gamba Christopher Florham Park NJ
Garrard Robert Charleston SC
Garrell Raymon Myrtle Beach SC
Gause William Rock Hill SC
Giannangeli Owen Park Ridge NJ
Gibbs Stuart Greenville SC
Glasson Thomas Mount Pleasant SC
Godek Jacob Longwood FL
Goldstein Daniel Rock Hill SC
Goodwin Joshua Ellenboro NC
Goss Robert Summerville SC
Goubeaux Christopher Ladson SC
Graham William Spartanburg SC
Grant William Charleston SC
Gray Connor Simpsonville SC
Green Robert Murrells Inlet SC
Greer James Norfolk VA
Grissop Jackson Travelers Rest SC
Gunn Paul Dickson TN
Gureley Katie Huger SC
Gurley Aaron Beech Island SC
Hall Kevin Hollywood SC
Hamilton Connor Dillon SC
Hammond Noah Raleigh NC
Hance Ryan Hartsville SC
Hanna Rebecca Dorchester SC
Harker Colby Sumter SC
Harlow Tyler Salem VA
Harrell James Charleston SC
Harrison Thomas Charleston SC
Hart Joseph Westminster SC
Harward Ashley Greenville SC
Havener Jesse Soutlake TX
Hayes Blayne Scranton SC
Haywood Garry Florence SC
Henderson Liam Atlanta GA
Hensley Richard Winnsboro SC
Henson Matthew Bristol TN
Herring Buddy Anderson SC
Herzler Ralph Charleston SC
Hickey William Naperville IL
Hickey Brandon Hampstead NC
Hinson Mills Fort Mill SC
Hocutt Michael Wendell NC
Hodgin James Kernersville NC
Hodil Carlo Charleston SC
Hohlbein Adam Worthington OH
Holliday Johnathan Gray Court SC
Honeycutt Richard Brasstown NC
Hough Jason Summerville SC
Howard-Whitaker Prince Columbia SC
Howlin James Gainesville GA
Huff Allen Six Mile SC
Hughes Connor Ellis Dunwoody GA
Hughes Shane Wellington KS
Huntington Ryan Greenville SC
Hurtt Matthew Beaufort SC
Hutchins Quintin Chester SC
Imhoff Robert Upperco MD
Inglis John Beaufort SC
Irving Cagney Huger SC
Ivy Christopher Smithfield VA
Jackson Amos Middleburg FL
Jalbert Hannah Murrells Inlet SC
James Warner Greer SC
Jenkins Trenton Simpsonville SC
Jenkins Adam Louisville KY
Jensen Cameron Greer SC
Johnson Patrick Blackstock SC
Johnson Karl Ridgeland SC
Johnson Nikolaus Cleves OH
Johnson David Buies Creek NC
Johnson James Columbia SC
Johnson Emmanuel Ladson SC
Johnson Rodriquez Ninety Six SC
Johnson Jordan Galivants Ferry SC
Johnson Adin Greenville SC
Johnson Kyle Inman SC
Joiner Jarod Prosperity SC
Jones Jordan Moore SC
Jones Nikolas Blythewood SC
Joseph Cliff Dallas GA
Joyner Cameron Sumter SC
Judkins Charles Greer SC
Kantala Kenrick Summerville SC
Kearney Charles Mason OH
Keefe Patrick Shalimar FL
Keener Zachary Fallon NV
Kellam Meridith Onancock VA
Keller Katherine East Williston NY
Kennaw Tanner Grove City OH
Kennedy Matthew Belton SC
Kent Charles Hilton Head Island SC
Kent Jesse Charleston SC
Kent Evan Signal Mountain TN
Khan Fauzan Columbia SC
Kicklighter Bradford Mount Pleasant SC
Killough Noah Landrum SC
Kilpatrick Austin Charleston SC
Kim Yoon Duluth GA
Kim Bryan Tenafly NJ
King Mellanie Southlake TX
King Jonathan Statesville NC
Kinnear Jonathan West Palm Beach FL
Kinsey Chase Anderson SC
Kirby Ryan Gaffney SC
Kober James Simpsonville SC
Kraftsow Matthew Birmingham AL
Kreisler John Abington PA
Krone Victoria Forest VA
Kyzer William Greer SC
Lackey Salvatore Pawleys Island SC
Langley Charles Spartanburg SC
Lassiter John Lyman SC
Lee Sae-Eun Yonginsi
Lee Tsu-Hang Kaohsiung City
Lentz David Beaufort SC
Leto Peter Mount Pleasant SC
Lewis Gabriel APO AE
Lewis Christopher Mt. Sterling KY
Ligon Jacob Fredericksburg VA
Linton Jonathan West Columbia SC
Lipscomb James Dorr MI
Littlejohn Shadonna Moore SC
Long Jackson Clemson SC
Long Morgan South Pines NC
Lowe Elijah Easley SC
Ludwigsen Dillon Summerville SC
Lum Tai Johns Creek GA
Lutz Shane Highland MD
MacEwen Nathan Greer SC
Mack Andrew Irmo SC
Madden Landon Anderson SC
Maddox James Columbia SC
Maichel Cody Summerville SC
Maki Sierra Deltona FL
Maloney Connell Charlotte NC
Manceaux Kendred Austin TX
Markiewicz Zachary Aiken SC
Marquez Jack Doral FL
Marsh Jakob Beaufort SC
Marsh Charles Lewisville NC
Martin Brian Anderson SC
Martin William Florence SC
Martin Benjamin Greenville SC
Martin Phillip Mount Pleasant SC
Martindale Trent Johnson City TN
Martinez Joseph Murrells Inlet SC
Martinez Dalia Little River SC
Marullo Nicholas Greensboro NC
Marzitelli Jaron Lexington SC
Massey William Shingle Springs CA
Mathis William Cassatt SC
Mathis Jacob Conway AR
Mathwig Nicholas Lodi WI
Maza-Collins Veronica Summerville SC
McAlear Alexander Wilmington NC
McClary James Lexington SC
McCormick Joseph Beaufort SC
McDonald David Lugoff SC
McDougal William Simpsonville SC
McField Evan Goose Creek SC
McGillick Matthew Harrison City PA
McKee Marshall Columbia TN
McLeod John Summerville SC
McQueeney Charles North Charleston SC
McQuitty Samuel Franklin NC
McSwain Connor North Charleston SC
Meadows Preston Charleston SC
Medunjanin Medo Charleston SC
Mehl Brock North Canton OH
Meredith Morgan Fort Mill SC
Merritt Jordan Summerville SC
Metcalfe Walter Apex NC
Mewhorter Bradley Murrells Inlet SC
Middleton Caleb North Charleston SC
Miele Mark Florence SC
Miller Davis Wilmington DE
Milligan Ronnie Greenville SC
Mills William Conway SC
Minges Reid Chapin SC
Minges Andrew Chapin SC
Mitchell Gage Cedar Grove NC
Mitchell Justin Irmo SC
Molina Antonio Midland TX
Moore Logan Malibu CA
Moore James Chapin SC
Moore Trenton Liberty SC
Moore Robert Wilsonville AL
Moore Aaron North Charleston SC
Moran Lucas Cranburry Township PA
Morris Sierra Spring City TN
Morton Stuart Mount Pleasant SC
Mosier John Pawleys Island SC
Motley Robert Lexington SC
Muenter Grant Tampa FL
Mullally Brenden Raleigh NC
Mullen John North Charleston SC
Muller Payton Mount Pleasant SC
Munday Matthew Johns Island SC
Mundy James Tioga PA
Murdaugh Brian Walterboro SC
Murphy Michael Alexandria VA
Myers Arthur Swansea SC
Myrtle John Norfolk VA
Nagel Alexander Mount Dora FL
Nettles Joshua Goose Creek SC
Neu Zacarias Mableton GA
Newton Aaron Florence SC
Nixon Curtis Folkston GA
Oliveira Blake Greenville SC
Olsen Robert Binghamton NY
Osborne Tanner Lancaster SC
Osburn Luke Celina TX
Ouzts Samuel Greenwood SC
Owens Cody Pelzer SC
Padgett Kenslee Landrum SC
Page Jessy Adams TN
Palmer Ryan Dardenne Prairie MO
Pappagallo Joseph Ashburn VA
Pappas Nicholas Darlington SC
Parra Cesar Bluffton SC
Parrado Giancarlo North Charleston SC
Passarelli Michael Simpsonville SC
Payne Jacob Poca WV
Peden Benjamin Greenville SC
Perkins John Greenville SC
Phillips James Spruce Pine NC
Phillips Shykasheali Hartsville SC
Phung Carter Myrtle Beach SC
Pickens William Mount Pleasant SC
Pierce Lindsay Camden SC
Pierce Rucker Mount Pleasant SC
Poe Milton Rock Hill SC
Ponte Rachel North Charleston SC
Powers Jacob Greer SC
Pozzani Jennifer Stony Point NY
Preddy Abraham Saint Johns FL
Price Campbell Greenville SC
Price Nicholas Beaufort SC
Prickett Fuller Saint Matthews SC
Pusey Alexander Anderson SC
Rainey Brandon Acworth GA
Ray Troy Chester SC
Reardon Connor Hickory NC
Reaves Jonathan Knoxville TN
Reddy Alec Henrico VA
Renda Sebastian Annapolis MD
Reynolds Scoville Orangeburg SC
Rhode Timothy Phoenix MD
Rice William Central SC
Richardson Clarence Fayetteville NC
Richburg Jariek Mullins SC
Richerson Jake Dallas TX
Ridge Colby Fort Mill SC
Ringgold Jeremy Ladson SC
Rispoli Paul Flanders NJ
Robertson Derrick Goose Creek SC
Robinson Jonathan Frisco TX
Rodriguez Caricia Aurora IL
Rogers Aleksandr San Francisco CA
Rohrer Landon Greenville SC
Rose Christopher Summerville SC
Rossi John Greenville SC
Roth Hannah Moreland GA
Rothell Nicole Gilbert SC
Russell Adam Mount Pleasant SC
Salem Madelyn Daniel Island SC
Sands Anthony Rock Hill SC
Santana Bryan Hartsville SC
Santiago Samuel Powell Butte OR
Saulnier George Fairfield CT
Sawicky Neel Myrtle Beach SC
Saxby Brandon Suffolk VA
Schall Kyle Lancaster PA
Schindler Jake Effingham IL
Schreck Joseph Walterboro SC
Scott Alex Winnsboro SC
Sears Christian Howey In The Hills FL
Sebold Garrett Centerport NY
Severnyak Alexei Frederick MD
Sexton Brendan Greenwood SC
Sharpe Alec Jacksonville FL
Shave Christian Howell NJ
Shields James Monterey CA
Shively Noah Taylors SC
Shumpert Austin Florence SC
Siders Russell Conway SC
Simrill Thomas Acworth GA
Sineath Erika Lexington SC
Singleton Devin Shaw AFB SC
Sinnott Ryan Lexington SC
Skarbek William Columbia SC
Sloan Nicholas Hopkinton MA
Smelser Andrew Jonesboro IN
Smith Douglas Cary NC
Smith Dante North Charleston SC
Smith Connor Awendaw SC
Smith Hunter Scranton SC
Snoke Andrew Plainfiled IN
Snyder Richard Powell OH
Snyder James Greenville SC
Solomon Luke Irmo SC
Sotile John Myrtle Beach SC
Spann Charles Spartanburg SC
Sposato Cole Vero Beach FL
Spotts Zacharey Chapin SC
Spurlock Kenneth Beaufort SC
Stanley Ethan Flowery Branch GA
Staudt Kyle Fairfield CT
Stern Joshua Ellicott City MD
Stewart Gavin Greenville SC
Stewart David Sunset SC
Stockdale Samuel White Lake MI
Stolar Isaac Morgantown WV
Stout Yudai Burbank CA
Subtil Anselme Sezanna
Suggs Dylan Monroe NC
Sullivan Raymond Cairo GA
Sulzbach Shona Mount Pleasant SC
Summerford Zachary Florence SC
Sutton Daleton Kingstree SC
Swain Alexander Whitmire SC
Swain Kevin Isle of Palms SC
Swanson Adam Tampa FL
Swindel Clifford Woodstock GA
Tankard Hayden Bath NC
Taylor Brett Lexington SC
Teague Amanda Summerville SC
Terenzio John The Woodlands TX
Terris Kyle Augusta GA
Terwilliger Adam Charleston SC
Thomas Colby Elberton GA
Thomas Seth Mililani HI
Thomas Cameron Spartanburg SC
Thompson Summer Raeford NC
Thompson Brandon Gaithersburg MD
Thompson Richard Lancaster SC
Thorne Charles Franklin TN
Tia AnaMalae Aberdeen MD
Torres Aaron Long Branch NJ
Townsend Matthew Lexington SC
Tripp Zachary Murrells Inlet SC
Troy Nicholas Wilmington MA
Tucker Ian Elk Grove CA
Turner Samuel Wyomissing PA
Tye William Mount Pleasant SC
Usrey Garrett Columbia SC
Vallos John North Canton OH
Van Zyl Willem Cape Town
Vandiver Anthony Helen GA
VanHerwynen Jackson Pauline SC
Vargas Paul Edison NJ
Vega Santiago Sag Harbor NY
Viado Christopher Gambrills MD
Vlass Tyler Shrewbury MA
Voncannon Samuel Lexington NC
Voskian Vayk Northridge CA
Vu Van Moore SC
Walker Johnny Charleston SC
Walker Benjamin Columbia SC
Walker Katherine Sumter SC
Wall Conner Simpsonville SC
Wallace Adam Lexington SC
Wallace Christopher Beaufort SC
Walter Arthur Chapin SC
Wamsley Joshua Myrtle Beach SC
Warren William York SC
Watson Corey Greer SC
Watson William Sumter SC
Wawrzynski Adam New Castle PA
Weber Weston Paxton IL
Webster Colton North Andover MA
Webster Elizabeth Snohomish WA
Wedgeworth Harrison Ladson SC
Wengerd Chase Easley SC
Wentley Daniel Columbia SC
Westberry Nicole Mount Pleasant SC
Westmoreland Jonathan Kennesaw GA
Westmoreland William Buford GA
Weyrich Christian McMurray PA
Wheat Adam San Diego CA
Whelan Edward Jacksonville FL
Whitaker Za’Von Saint Stephen SC
White Evan Greenville SC
Wiggins Jefferson Summerville SC
Wilder Amber Beaufort SC
Wilkes Daniel Charleston SC
Willard Robert Monks Corner SC
Willett Joshua Greenville SC
Williams Caleb Summerville SC
Williams Edgar Edgefield SC
Wills Raven Beaufort SC
Wilson Devan Shenondouh Junction WV
Wilson William Woodstock GA
Witham Grayson Taylors SC
Wittman Andrew Greer SC
Wolpert Jonah Eutawville SC
Wood Jacob Vienna VA
Woodbury Tristan Anderson SC
Wratislaw David
Wright Denzel Lawrenceville GA
Wyble Darrian Tuscon AZ
Ye Huazhou St Petersburg FL
Yellitz Robert Charleston SC
Yongue Webb Winnsboro SC
Young Greyson Sumter SC
Young Xavier Spartanburg SC
Young Robert Sumter SC
Yu Daniel Gainesville VA
Zachwieja Kyle Glen Allen VA
Zorn Sarah Warrenville SC
Most distinguished cadets named to spring 2018 President’s List Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:35:02 +0000 Citadel CampusCitadel CampusCadets have been named to the President's List for their outstanding work during the spring 2018 semester.]]> Citadel CampusCitadel Campus

The President’s List is one of the most distinguished cadet awards presented by The Citadel. It indicates excellence in academics and military duties. The list is a combination of the dean’s list and the Commandant’s Distinguished List and is composed of cadets who contribute the most to their companies while maintaining excellent military and academic records.

The following cadets have been recognized for their outstanding work during the spring 2018 semester:

Last Name First Name City State
Adams Carson F. Chapin SC
Bailiff Carleton Blythewood SC
Barnes Cedric T. Dover DE
Barnett Riley S. Greenwood SC
Baucom Taylor K. Monroe NC
Beehler Jack B. Greer SC
Bianco Cory B. Chapin SC
Blackburn Zachary T. Lexington SC
Blanchard Richard S. Summerville SC
Bourlet Keara M. Carthage NC
Broach Bryce W. Florence SC
Brown Robert C. Florence SC
Calkins Hunter C. Hahira GA
Carter Craig R. Lugoff SC
Cobb Cameron C. Lenior City TN
Cooper Grayson S. Suwanee GA
Davidson Robert G. Columbia SC
De Oleo Simon Lynn Haven FL
Dennen Kaitlyn T. Round Rock TX
Dix Logan A. Tipp OH
Edwards Alexis M. Anderson SC
Fonteneau Etienne R. Hartsville SC
Forster McKinley J. Brazil IN
Friedlander Justin A. Coral Springs FL
Fritz Jacob M. Menomonee Falls WI
Garrell Raymon B. Myrtle Beach SC
Gilberto Aaron A. Stewartstwon PA
Godwin Jeffrey T. Baltimore MD
Hajek Michael W. Treasure Island FL
Hamilton Joseph T. Greenville SC
Harold Mary B. Awendaw SC
Hawkins Terry G. Iva SC
Heath William W. Mount Pleasant SC
Hough Jason P. Summerville SC
Hudson Robert C. Greenville SC
Jones Andrew P. Daniel Island SC
Ketphan Phromnachanok Bangkok
Killough Noah L. Landrum SC
LaFlamme Canaan J. Fort Mill SC
Lewis Christopher B. Mt. Sterling KY
Lilly Dylan M. Dorchester SC
Llera Austin C. Troy VA
Ludwigsen Dillon V. Summerville SC
McAllister Ethan G. Pamplico SC
McQuitty Samuel D. Franklin NC
Muller Payton M. Mount Pleasant SC
Neu Zacarias H. Mableton GA
Page Jessy L. Adams TN
Pantsari Ansley R. Augusta GA
Piacentini Nicholas J. Hollidaysburg PA
Rhode Timothy J. Phoenix MD
Russell Adam R. Mount Pleasant SC
Shealy Charles T. Lexington SC
Sposato Cole J. Vero Beach FL
Sulzbach Shona G. Mount Pleasant SC
Swindel Clifford N. Woodstock GA
Webster Colton J. North Andover MA
Wilder Matthew B. Apex NC
Zeigler Brennen A. Chapin SC